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APRIL 28, 2012 1:58AM

Dense "Fringe" Blows My Mind Again

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No matter how bad you think it is now

It is going to get worse.


Universes collide and the intensity increases

 Dreams are just a dream but anything is possible


Two Walters in this episode!!

Jones is bringing the universes together.


Focus points are important.  Are you near one?

 If they all connect the cracks in the earth open up!!!


 Fringe....some of the last episodes are airing now.  

  That show blows my mind.  Jones is like Noah building the Ark


  Whoever survives the apocalypse will rule.  Jones wants to rule.

  Earthquakes happening all over both universes now.  People make 'em.


  Making swiss cheese out of our time and space so the collisions happen.

  The big Corporation  used Cortexafan studies to enhanced people.


  Now those people are being used by Jones to collide the universes.

   People are always being hooked up to wires to study their brains.


    Some of the Fringe Department is talking to their alternates from

    the universe that they are colliding with.   So beautiful to see yourself.


    Another you.  Slightly altered.  Can you travel in your mind?

    There are maps like Google maps only of other realms.


     Earthquakes are being triggered all over the globe.  Survival time.

     So why worry?  The survivors of the apocalypse will rule.


     So I am lost in Fringe land and my mind has drifted away.

     The bridge between the universes is in danger.  Collllliiiidddding.


     Love Love Love.  Fringe is about Love.  Who do you love?

     Bad thoughts in your mind?   Don't be a coward. Banish them.


     Reverse Impact.  Contagious Emotions!!! 

    Those poor people from the study are messed up.


     They think that destroying the universes is the right thing.

      They have been told by Jones that only his universe is the right one.


      Brainwashed.  We are so easily brainwashed.  So willing. So easy.

      Just offer us an end to our emotional mental anguish.


       You have a chance to make a difference.  Jump.  Jump. 

       Create something NEW.  Uplift the people around you.


       Even if it seems they are from a parallel universe 

       Where things are just a little bit off.


        Boomerang emotions as weapons!!!"  You can make people reflect

        how you are feeling, you can make them die.


         Close the bridge between the Universes to avoid losing both.

         But that means no more contact and people would be stuck.


         So of course you have to decide who you love and want to be with.

         Our other selves are our friends.   We pair up frequently.


        The bridge is like a Stargate thingy that is pretty darn cool.

        They have thrown the switch to shut it down.  


        The Alternates are saying good bye to their Other selves.

         Peter might disappear all together.  His fathers are discusing that.


         "The Universe Is Change.  Our life is what our thoughts make it."

          Who Said that?   I missed it.  Phooey.  Have to Google that saying.


          Is Peter going to disappear or NOT?  The suspense is killing me.

         It is time.  He is still there.  They will all miss their other selves.


          But they saved the world one more time from things I can 

          only imagine.   No more swiss cheese.


           Next Friday the two part finale airs.  It has been renewed for 2013!

           I will be watching if I haven't been absorbed before then.....








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I haven't watched TV much since Gwen died, but may make an exception for that finale next week.
I like what you have to say.
You got to watch out for that Swiss cheese, probably quantum mechanics gone all twistier than it already is... gods playing with loaded dice ripped on too much Ambrosia... where is the Goddess when you need her?
Okay Zanelle, “Fringe” has come up a few times now I need to tune in and watch this