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MAY 9, 2012 8:14AM

The Broken Wing

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  The Stucco Butterflies are coming.  I worked on them all weekend and I was covered with cement today giving them a coat of stucco.  I made six butterflies and all went well with five of them.

  As I was forming the shape of the sixth butterfly the tip of his wing fell off.  Dam.  I hate when that happens.  But it took me only seconds to realize that an accident can sometimes be a doorway to a new direction.  


  So I put it on in a new way and added a couple more shapes and a new kind of butterfly evolved before my eyes with a wonderful flare that I never would have done without the accident.


  You can tell which butterfly went thru the transformation.  Unique because of the trouble.  It became my favorite butterfly.  

   However I think that accident made it weaker.  It fell off the table and lost parts of its long tails.  I quickly evened the wings out and they are still unique.  I am amazed at how tough these stucco butterflies are.  They get knocked around in the wind when I hang them up and I like that.

  I am tough too.  I have been broken and I hear that sometimes you are stronger in the place where you were wounded.  I know I am a unique person with lots of quirks and twists that are the direct result of broken hearts and lost homes.  My development has been shaped by the hard times and also by the times when I stood up again and kept going.

                  butterfly one

   This is one way I could imagine finishing the broken butterfly.  He is a good excuse to try different things on as he has been through so much already that he can take more chances.  

   I use "" to upload photos and play with all their editing tools for free.  It is a wonderful tool for creative minds.   Never give up.



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Good job! It took Darwin a world voyage and many years to understand that things evolve, even stucco butterflies. You did it in a weekend! Bravo! Duke
You are exactly like that troublesome, strong, and beautiful butterfly. I totally love the unique use of your medium--stucco. How durable is it out of doors? Is you art for inside or out?
Thanks, Tex, it was a good weekend.

It survives anywhere, Miguela, just like me!
No, never give up.

Love this Zanelle.
You inspire me this day.
Very interesting metaphor. I have started getting rid of broken things. I read in some Feng shui book that it is not good energy to have have too many unfinished projects. The fault is not with their broken ness but in my inability to organize myself well enough to fix them. I just find it hangs over me.
Your post is another art parable today, Zanelle. I've just come from Elizabeth Priddy's about the two art classes in her locality. Some kind of morphic resonance going on here.
I could not do this so I bow to you.
I love the metaphor - it's perfect. It's almost like you breathe life into your creations. Your life.
What a beautiful allegory! The last paragraph is quotable and I will be quoting it! I copied the photo to share. Sharing the post, too!
I like it just the way you realised it ~ the little face & feelers : perfect, like an angel.
I love this beautiful broken butterfly and her wings of many colors!
Beautiful work, I like the unique one too.
Damaged like me but still standing.
I love that. I've had to stand up and keep going a lot too. Sometimes I want to just sit there, or lay there, but, there's really no choice is there?
I read these backwards, and I feel transported into your world. You are so creative and wonderful. I am so proud of you!