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MAY 16, 2012 10:19AM

A Bowl of Beans

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  My sweet daughter knows how to make a pot of beans.  We have a rice cooker and the brown rice is basic and delicious.  Add a corn tortilla and you have a nutritious meal.  How many people do not know how to make a bowl of beans?

     It is easier and cheaper to buy a can of beans.  The energy required to cook the beans on my own stove makes buying a can more efficient.  The time required to create a home cooked meal has to be added into the cost.

   I remember when packaged food became very popular.  It was fun.  TV dinners were so fun and new.  We had entered the space age and my mom was so happy to be free of the drudgery of cooking.  My dad never cooked. 

   The pantry in our basement had glass jars of fruit and vegetables.  My mom was glad to be done with canning.  I remember when that pantry disappeared.  

   If your shopping cart is filled with cardboard boxes full of food that is much different than a cart filled with raw ingredients.  Going to an open market in India for our food for six months was fun.  There were flies around the big pile of dates but we washed them off when we got home and they were delicious.  

   I am addicted to white sugar and processed flour.  We have the luxury to sit around and moan about our obsessions with those substances.  I try to get back to the basics and enjoy my bowl of beans.  It isn't easy because we have access to the most potent tastes imaginable.  It is pure energy.

  Ok My questiion is...Why can't we just eat something and have it absorbed completely for energy?  Why do we have all this elimination? It seems so inefficient to poop.  It seems so primitive and organic.  Which is fine for this world.  There might be other dimensions where souls don't have to eat for energy.  

   I know we have to breath in oxygen and have that carbon dioxide go out.   Babies take that first breath and they have arrived in our organic world.  Where were they before?  What does a soul eat?  A bowl of beans was food for my soul on this day.  I wish I could have absorbed every molecule.

   So I have been hearing about probiotics.  It seems we are all full of bacteria.  Bio organisms that live inside of us.  Antibiotics can wreck havoc on our systems.  We can become depleted of these little friends and become empty tubes.  Eating yogurt helps and probiotic supplements are the in thing now.  I say... just eat a bowl of beans.  


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That is perfect food and one of my favorite meals. I wish I liked dairy. Yogurt is so good for one but yuck! Give me beans.
The soul? Soul food, of course!
I love rice and beans. I make them the way I was taught in PR.
Use pumpkin (winter squash) for thickening. My Gawd...just looking at your photo made me hungry.

At one time I used to eat at an Afghan restaurant in DC. They served a wonderful casserole with the same kind of squash, layered with a meat sauce and topped with yogurt. Baked together it was awesome.
This looks yummy! India is the champ when it comes to cooking and serving all kinds of nutritious veggie meals!
**fetching two cans of beans from cupboard shelf (literally), starts rice cooker**
**adds habanero sauce to admixture**
Yum! Thanks for the reminder, Ms Z!
I have celiac and now have become lactose intolerant. I dont do beans, cant do the tortillas unless they are corn gluten free and you dont want to know what those taste like.
I figure I probably have 300 bacteria running around.
Good blog.. I just do not want to know anymore what is running through me.
Red beans and dirty rice... a Cajun staple.
Add just a little sausage to mine, please.
I've learned how to make a good black beans and rice. A bunch of trial and error involved... :0)

I've started taking pancreatin by TwinLab a couple of weeks ago. Makes the digesting, for me, more efficient with my IBS.
Never put your pet in front of me! I eat before I think! All the best - Duke
My family lived on this for years while I was going to college and it's still one of my favorite dishes. Inspired by this blog I went home last night and made some. YUM!