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MAY 25, 2012 10:02AM


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Adoration is shown to Christ believed to be really present in sacramental bread whose reality has been changed into that of his body.

    Belief that one substance has the qualities of another is magical thinking.  It is one of the basic tenants of many religions.  Stuff is not what it seems.  Wine to blood.   Wine to blood.

   When I mixed the stucco cement that I use to make my flying sculptures I added some bright red coloring.  It is the same red color that I used to make all the bloody looking hearts at Valentines Day.  

  Today the red cement transformed into Red Dragonfly bodies.  It was a bloody mess.


    Drops and spills everywhere.  Dripping blood on my shoes.

    Dragonflies being born.


    The mess is everywhere.  My arms are red to the elbow.  

    I feel transformation taking place.  Blood Red Dragonflies.




                   I hope they learn to fly soon.





                   Artists get involved in very elemental situations.  When you smear paint on a canvas it is ground up metals and earth particles that  emit transcendent colors.  

                 Belief that a substance can change into another substance is similar to alchemy.  Alchemists claimed they could change other chemicals into gold.  Oh what a find that would be!  It never really happens tho...or does it?

                Maybe transubstantiation happens for just a brief moment.  When I put the red cement out as the body of a dragonfly of course it doesnt turn into that body.  But when I hang the dragonflies up in the air and someone comes in and sees it hanging in the trees for a brief moment it IS a real dragonfly body.  Oh it is just Art...they will say with relief.  Just for a moment I thought that wine was the blood of Jesus and in that moment it got inside of me and changed me. 

            I have never gone up to the front of a church and swallowed the wafer and sipped the wine.  The power of that act is awesome tho.  To see people going up for that sip and bite is to watch a transformative parade that I really don't want to join.  It is almost too powerful.  I will stick to dragonfly bodies.

            Oh my, I just cut my finger and some drops of blood fell into the stucco.  Then a small ant was running like hell to keep from getting buried in the landslide of stucco.  Life and death entertwined in Art and Religion.


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Be careful~~You are truly suffering for your art!
When I was a kid on Pop's Farm, my Grandma would take us to the Laughrey Creek Community Church when once each month a circuit preacher gave communion. The wafer was a saltine and the wine was Welch's Grape juice... mighty fine, mighty fine, but Grandma's fried chicken was much better! Dragonflies looking good.
You are indeed putting heart and soul into tyour dragonfly's! They are so perfect in such an imperfect way...
That's really putting a piece of yourself into your art. Hope the ant got away okay.

Cool dragonflies.
I love dragonflies, I have one tattooed on my shoulder, it even has a cast shadow.
I love your red ones, can't wait to see them finished.
rated with love