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MAY 28, 2012 7:54AM

Turquoise and Scarlet Red

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   The Swimming Pool opened today.  The first thing I saw when I got to the deep end was a single geranium petal shaped like a heart floating in the turquoise blue water.


   I ran up to the bush that was generating these petals and grabbed a flower to play with .  I remembered five children by the fountain in town yesterday who all got in trouble for picking flowers and tossing them into the water.  Granted they had big handfulls of them.  Then a mom and just one little girl came by and she dropped a single purple petunia in the water and they watched it spin off together and then dropped another one in.


     Watching the flowers electrify the water was a pleasure I'm glad I could enjoy.  Anyone can take the time to see colors and joy.



       Where else than on Open Salon could a person post these photos for others to enjoy.  Life is too short to keep something like this hidden.  Joy


  Thank you for always being there for me and for sharing the joy as well as the sorrow.  Writing is one of the most rewarding activities if you have readers.  I am in awe of this OS place and hope to keep writing from deep within my soul because I have the support of this place.  Muah!

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Some people think you have to buy high-priced art to see it or go to a museum. Art is what you make it and that is art. The contrast is beautiful and thank you for showing us your art.
Zanelle, I too have photographed things in our pool and have PLACED things in there to photo for the very reasons you did. The lights and reflections are wonderful. once, I photographed a Crocus Geometer moth that was barely alive and making wonderful concentric circles as it quivered. But, I had to rescue it. Nice post and I loved the colors.

But watch yer toes; there's an orange cat around her that is a known toe-napper. I won't mention any names but Tink eats headless squirrels and toes can be just as tasty!

(*I am, of course, just taking someone's word for it about the taste of toes*)

MMMMmmmm...headless squirrels and toes!! :D

I have always loved this unlikely color combination.
The photos, colors, are stunningly beautiful. I think it's because, unlike the coral turquoise jewelry combination, these flowers in the pool are transitory. Another reminder to enjoy the moment.
I'm beginning to learn here that creativity and love can be found almost wherever you look for it. These photos have elevated to art something simple and everyday mundane.
Z, Glad you stopped to smell the flowers... looking forward to seeing those dragonflies.
The really vivid combinations always thrill more. I love this post. Thank you, Ms Z!
Thank you for sharing the beauty of something so simple. I am so glad to have found you on OS!
You do have a wonderful eye and I thank you for sharing it!!
How lovely. The images, the thought of hanging out at the pool (it's very hot here), and most of all your way of seeing the world, and your words at the end.