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JUNE 7, 2012 10:10AM

Review "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"

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 My mom and I went to this movie.  The male lead was the kid from "Slumdog Millionaire."  Her friend had heard it wasn't that good and passed.   We agreed that she wouldnt have liked it.  Mom at 93 yrs old fell asleep half way through but got the gist of it.  She woke up to get the end and we hobbled out of the theater with the rest of the white haired people who where there to see the movie. 

   It is a movie about old people.  There are lots of wrinkles and feeble bodies.  There is an amazing depth to the movie that is just now hitting me hard as it comes back to my memory.  I lived that movie and I still do.

  My mom and I went to India in the 50's.  I was thirteen.  She remembers how handsome the cab driver was who took us on a day tour to the Taj Mahal.   I remember the coca colas that were on ice in the trunk.  That made me happy.  Mom asked today if I remembered a communist giving me his speil until they kind of dragged me off.  I remember a ham sandwich that just wasn't the same as the ones I knew in the USA.  I remember the tiny tiles on the walls of the Taj and the views.

   The movie takes place in Jaipur and Udaipur which is where I lived for seven months with my swedish friend in the 1970's.  He had been in the Peace Corp there and went back for a visit.  I taught English there to some very unruly students at a private school.  I remember turbans and open markets, peacocks and cobras in the backyard and a temple up on the hill that the bats flew over in a long stream every night.

   The movie shows that beauty and it also shows the chaos of the streets in India.  It is a wild ride when you step outside in India, noisy and scary but full of color and life.  It was difficult to find quiet and privacy in India when I was there.  Even at a remote lake or temple someone would find you and come up to chat to Americans.  "Where do you come from?"  "Are you married?"  

   In the movie some English people are enticed by a website to go to this hotel for their retirement.  They arrive in a tussle and the hotel is a mess but the whole story has a happy ending which churns around the personal stories of all the people and you grow close to them all.  It isn't easy to be old anywhere.

 The women in the movie are magnificent.  In old age Judy Desh is wonderful as usual and she is a Blogger.  Maggie Smith is fantastic and well, I can't tell you the end. The characters are inside my heart now and I wish them all well.  Aren't we all on a journey that is culminating in some sort of time space thingy where our memories are meeting our realities?

  Just say "Yes" to life.  In all its crazy twists and turns you can only be brave and transform.  You can care a little and help a little but in the end it is your journey and whatever you make it affects all the people around you.  Be happy.  




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Never been to India but icyhighs & Rolling paint quite the picture. Glad you enjoyed the flick.
What lovely memories the movie evoked in you.
I want to see this movie because a lot of the characters were in Love Actually. Now after I read this I really want to go!!

Thanks Zanelle,
We went as a family a couple of weeks ago. I didn't think the kids would like - 18 and 24 - but the said they did. We adults loved it. Nice personal backstory, Zanelle. I lived with some Indian students in college, but have never been there. Don't like crowds.
I reviewed this movie on May 19th. And I just blogged, "Growing Old Isn't For Sissies." This all perfectly dovetails with what you have to say. And good for you to put a REALISTIC spin on aging. I love what you have to say about our
....time and space journey. Maybe, that's what it's all about.
I once read somewhere that John Lennon attended an art exhibition in New York. One of the pieces required the viewer to climb a ladder. Lennon climbed up and written on the ceiling, in tiny type was the word: Yes. That's when he fell in love with Yoko Ono.

It's amazing how saying yes can transform one's life.

You've lived an interesting life , Zanelle. The movie sounds like it's worth a look.
Because of this, I'd love to see the movie now, though I had planned on watching it once it hits Netflix. I suppose it might be worth seeing on the big screen just to be hit with the tumultuous beauty of India.
"Just say "Yes" to life. In all its crazy twists and turns you can only be brave and transform. You can care a little and help a little but in the end it is your journey and whatever you make it affects all the people around you. Be happy."

Apparently I came here for more than a movie review. Thank you.
Hi Zanelle,
That sounds interesting, I think getting older is great especially if you move along and keep up with the times. Some old people are stuck in a particular age and they are centric about most things that occur such as political stands and certain other arguments that become part of a new platform. It is hard to keep up with what is new, when sometimes all one is in contact with it is prevalent in ones minds eye. It also brings back memories of "Cocoon," I also enjoyed "Batteries Not Included" it just gives me the willies to see people catching up with minds impression of where they are in life.
I have always wanted to go to India. What a lot of travel you have done. I am sure that this is a movie that I would like to see with my mom.
I am an old people...and I have heard wonderful things about the movie. Can't wait to see it.
Shhhh...Now don't tell anyone..but old people are IN.
Zanelle, W and I went to see this a couple of weeks ago when it came out. I loved this movie! I pretty much like anything with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith separately, but to have them in the same film together - well!!!!! I would love to go to India, but get mt is from watching Bollywood films on Netflix for now.
Such a great clip of Dame Judy! Looking so forward to this. I love these type of indies