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JULY 28, 2012 12:07PM

xxx New Shoes xxx

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   Two new pairs of shoes came home with me today.  A total of $45 at Payless Shoes.   I had some really shabby shoes that have deteriorated to such a degree they are no longer appropriate in polite circles.


   I have had these sandals for almost ten years.  I love everything about them but they are so fragile.  I haven't forsaken them for the new shoes but I am going to be able to give them a much needed rest.


    I remember when these shoes were new and so special.  Now they are covered in paint specks and have black duct tape on the inside.  They will be exclusively backyard shoes now and swimming pool shoes.  Guilt free.


       So today I welcome the new shoes.  I promised them that paint, cement, dirt and water will never touch them.  Fancy shoes.  Sexy shoes.

    My mother did not like them.   She liked these shoes....


   So I bought them both.  The slut shoes and the good girl shoes.  Both.


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Ooh! Ooh! You had me at "new shoes"! Like!!!!!
Where are the slut shoes, if I may ask? ~r
Pretty....I imagine the new shoes appreciate your promise to keep them paint and dirt free :)
Wear them well, Zanelle. What counts is what youlike.
The slut shoes are the ones with my toes showing! How risque and naughty! My mom also thinks that my toes are really bad because they have some thick toenails from fungus infection. sigh. So I show my toes. Big deal. lol
I'm untrained -- which are the good girl and which are the slut shoes....I know I will need to know that sometime.
So funny....I don't think I can be more clear. The slut shoes are the ones my mother didn't like. The good girl shoes are the ones she liked because they don't show the toes.

Sometimes I wiggle my toes just to spite her. And I love to paint them bright red.
We should have shoes for all of our sides, right?
Ohhhhh! Slut shoes show toes!!!!!! Got it.
I think slut shoes might normally be considered those super high come fuck me heels but mine are much more subtle.
Naahhh, they're not slutty; no toe cleavage!
Ahhh, love cute shoes!

And what, no picture of the slut shoes? We are left to our imagination...sigh
Oh, need to read the comments... apparently I have slutty toes too. But they are happy and free!
You crack me up! Hooray for new shoes, and I really understand loving the old ones that feel soooo good. Apparently I have a closet full of very slutty open toed shoes. My mom bought me a pair of patent leather peep-toes, she encourages slutty toes for birthday girls. I do have some prim & proper closed toe 5" stiletto heels. Those are for when I want to be a good girl!
Im glad we all understand each other now. Slut and good girl are such relative terms. It all depends.....