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NOVEMBER 2, 2012 8:55AM

Alternate Realities

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    How can I explain the website Second Life?  There are parts of this site that are so creative you enter a whole new world when you visit.  The originality of the art installations takes imagination and skill to whole new levels in this world of wonder.

   My friend Coral teleported my avatar into Stick Land.  The little stick figures were animated so they walked around and gave us hugs.  The happy little trees were dancing.  Everything was in black and white.  I met Coral in a cartoon rainstorm of hearts.


   I discovered little houses in the landscape and it was fun to go inside them and experience the hand drawn perspective.  


       So what you have is an alternate reality inside of another reality. 


    This is another avatar couple who was exploring the site and taking pictures.  They look like real people in a fake atmosphere but it is all fake.   It gets so I question my reality sitting here typing these words.


    The site is mostly white as if you are on a big piece of paper with little doodles all over it.  It is disorienting to walk into the drawing and snoop around.  I went thru this gate and up the steps into the little house and I could see all over the rest of the page that seemed to go on without end.

     I found a little pond to sit next to and marveled at the way they had produced water.  The waves moved and flipped in the fake wind.  




 In the end I flew around this site for about an hour.  I panned my view out into the ether to get a look at how it all worked from "space".   I found myself intrigued by the site right next door to this one which had the traditional art images of Second Life in a more real life style and I had my mind blown again.  The artists of  Second Life are into some really new things that alter my view of reality.


   With all the stress in the Real World I find it very relaxing to explore this Second Life where creativity rules and imagination takes me far, far away.  Here are some photo shots of the site next to Stick Land that you see in the above photo.  




 Surreal.  Salvadore Dali would have loved this site.  Anytime I can play with eyeball chairs I am happy.  People who play on the Second Life site talk about logging into real life as a break from this imaginary life.  There are no hurricanes or elections in this world.  I like that.

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good god, woman, i am amazed, and full of admiration for you,
a pioneer in what we all damn well know is the wave of the future,
alternate realities. I am delighted that such a
fine mind as yours is at the forefront of it.

" It gets so I question my reality sitting here typing these words,"
is something i already feel just ...typing. I might lose my mind
in Second life.

Or find it, i guess....?
I love this. I felt like I was having a flashback for a moment. I really think if you did some 'sroomes on there, you might not come back~
I am tempted but rather uneasy that to flee from the insanity we call real into what is acknowledged as not real and finding it more attractive is a temptation to lose one's mind. As bad as this reality may be it does seem to have a stability I can feel secure in. Alternate realities such as you describe are variations of limited understanding of the reality in which I exist and I think I had better stick with that.
ha. Zanelle would come back, scan. this i know. this i trust in.
oh jan cmon!
what the hell does this reality, which you scorn
with every syllable,
hold for you?
in what?
in what?
stability in being a cynic, you! ah me too. who am i to accuse.
the world is stable in its decadence, i agree.
but this alternate world holds promise for...?
oh jan cmon!
what the hell does this reality, which you scorn
with every syllable,
hold for you?
in what?
in what?
stability in being a cynic, you! ah me too. who am i to accuse.
the world is stable in its decadence, i agree.
but this alternate world holds promise for...?
Aaah, JME, but what I scorn requires scorning. It is a dynamic of change. What does scorning dreams evoke but better dreams to suck one away from all the infinite misunderstandings of the realities we live in? I dream fantasies every night more fascinating than the stuff presented here but I have the solidity of daytime to stand on, to go back to, to load me up with bundles of strangeness beyond compare to be fascinated with a mere simulation. Real dreams can scare the shit out of you with merely a silent dark hallway. Because it works with emotions that this mere collection of graphics cannot.
Is reality more than a collection of graphics? In my everyday life I look carefully at all the details around me. I know Biology explains stuff and so does Chemistry but I still look for that little piece of rock that is out of place or the way my mind marvels at the miracle of being. I hope reality is stable but is it? Is the universe we experience just one big simulation? When we get out of this matrix what will we find? Is death the door? Or is it all just black when we die? ""What is real?"" is a very valid question. I like to push the boundaries and look for clues.
Zanelle.. I sat her for almost 10 minutes trying to rate this and it would not stick.. two blogs and I am outta here.. no patience anymore:(
This is a great world to leave your problems outside and enjoy something.
Seeing "alternate realities" under "ganja gramps" in the feed, I wondered if maybe you and Brassawe collaborated or at least were on the same wavelength. As it turned out, I grew envious reading about the free ganja leaves in Steve's domain and I got a free high from your surreal images. A twofer, fer sure.
Admittedly, reality is slippery, but it's all we've got. To toss it all away in order to share in shallow imaginings is to leap into a whim filled insanity. No one ever knows what is real, but there are inerlocking clues that suggest an order of probability. I have always, at the back of my mind, that each one of us hops back and forth into alternate universes that are so alike that one must look for small clues to discover if we are in the same universe as yesterday. I hold this as a very remote possibility but nevertheless not to be counted out entirely. There is no way to know definitely since we each piece together our own version of what we accept as real. Tat also balances on the knife edge of insanity but that edge is all I have so I respect it.
This is hard for me to relate to. Is it like playing a video game? I can see how it could be addictive.