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NOVEMBER 5, 2012 8:59AM

Daylight Saving(s?) Time Warp

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 Daylight Savings Time Warp

   Are we dizzy yet? I feel like I have been through a time tunnel and the end is way down the road.  Winter is coming and I am glad for the extra hour for the kids to get to the bus stop in the morning in the sunshine.  Here it is 5pm though and it is DARK!   Ooooo.
    I envy Arizona their stance against the craziness.  They do not change their times.  I have to admit that even in the gloom the Fall evenings here in San Diego are incredible.  A bright orange sunset and now the crickets are chirping.  I don't think they know about daylight savings time.  I hope not.  I just cornered one in the backyard and he looked a little disoriented.  
   Time is such an important thing and at the same time doesn't mean anything.  I have heard if you want to relax just sit and look at a clock.  It will tick tock away at a slow steady pace and pretty soon you will be right down looking at a second as a long time.  Breathing to the tick tock tic toc.

    I am getting nervous and excited for the deadline of the election.  The next day the President will have to negotiate one of the most nerve wracking sessions of Congress trying to keep the administration of the government from going belly up.  The tax cuts for the rich played a key role in the debaucle last time.  I am sure whoever is elected will have to fight a good fight.  I wish for bipartisanship but I imagine there will be contention no matter who is elected.

     I like to resort to magical thinking when I am cornered.  If the crickets do not know about daylight savings time then I am not going to worry about it.  They are out there singing away trying to find a mate and they don't really care about much else. They certainly don't care who is going to be elected President of the United States.


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Being one of the crickets might be nice today....I abso-f-ing-lutely hate election years.
Daylight Savings Time is over now.
This is the 'real' time.
Get out the flashlights! : )
Oh I see, we have saved the time all summer and now we can spend it during the dark winter. Save the daylight. Night is bad. sigh.
You cornered a cricket? Who does he support , this cricket?
Obama or Romney?
Hah. Sorry. He/she is all about the Love.
“Time is such an important thing and at the same time doesn't mean anything. “
Time is objective, clock time, or
it is subjective, which is not the same.
Time is a philosophical problem we have never solved.
Einstein said, depends on frame of reference.
Aint no God Clock ticking .
There is no time.
Yet there is.


Something that is and isn’t is a rather perplexing thing, worthy of a puff on a joint to consider.
Things HAPPEN in time. OR… is it that the happening things CREATE time?

Lets have a goddamn referendum election onTHAT!
I vote that things create time. Right now I can see all the things around me and they all have such history. How did all this come together at this moment around me? Those shoes are from five years ago. They have a history and I am comforted by their presence here today. This cup of tea has made me slow down time. OS being back makes me happy.
Yes, I am thinking no TV, radio, cell phone. And I really hope there is a special place in hell for all of the creators of the political ads, especially the one with the damning voice that sounds suspiciously like my 5th grade nun-everyone was guilty of something-even just for existing! R
AAAAAAARGH! It's Daylight SAVING Time. Not SavingS.
Oh for Pete's Sake. It is so difficult to change a typo on an OS post but I was going to try to change to Daylight Saving time and drop the s.
But while I was waiting for no errors I googled the term and it is a common reference with the s as well as without it. Sounds like a question mark to me as I know the technical correction is without an S but common usage counts for lots with words in my book.