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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 6:45PM

Good New Sunday

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Oh I posted my real Good News Sunday post on Our Salon.   I just assume I can't get in to OS lately.  But wow, here I am now so I am going to just say that there is always good news. 



    How can the world be bad and chaotic when I can be typing these words at the same time as i am dancing in the Intimate Moments Site which is a Spanish Dance site.  I am dancing with Gino Parisi who is in Brazil.  We have known each other on this site for four years.  We dont visit much anymore but today we just hooked up for a dance.


  Living out fantasies and imagining the best possible combinations.


   Oh come on,  we all have fantasies.  Let's honor them.  I do.  

   That is my good news.  

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Don't know what Jacob and the boys in OSIT have done, but today has had fewer delays and error messages than any time in the last couple of weeks... good news indeed.
I just saw the end of Fiddler on the Roof, and I saw a full Jimmy Durante movie, Music for Millions, earlier today. And I've posted twice here, today. All good.
My dear, you look mahvelous! I went to church with my daughters and bought new coffee for my Nespresso. On my way now to make myself a cappuccino. It's a good day!
Yes Fall is in the air and that is a wonderful time. Glad we are all happy again.
That is so neat. You live such a full life, yet you are alone. That is amazing!
Fantasy is the best!!! GOOD NEWS!! :)
I'm so bad a dancer I'd step on your toes even on the Intimate Moments site, alas. Looks like fun, tho, for those who can.
Im just glutting on the fast OS again. Can't seem to help myself. Just like someone who hasn't had a piece of cake in a long time and just eats the whole cake. sigh. too fun to post here. There is something about the format I just love.