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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 8:03AM

Why Doesn't Everyone Vote by Mail?

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  I have been voting by mail for many years.  It is so easy!  No lines and no inconvenience.   Why doesn't everyone vote like that? 

  It creeps me out that the Republicans think that the fewer people who vote the better for their party.  I guess it is the people who are at street level who are Democrats.   I think it is the same thinking that takes away a felon's vote.  After prison there aren't many who stay Republicans. 

    My deceased boyfriend was a lifelong Republican who saw unions break his dad's job and who liked no regulations in his own business.  After he was in prison six years he came out a Democrat and he had figured out a way to vote for Obama this time.  Too bad he died..  One less vote for Obama.

  My friend in Switzerland says she is always getting little notices in the mail that her vote is required on a certain issue.  I think that would be so much easier than scrolling through a whole list of propositions that don't make any sense.   It would certainly be better than listening to all the ads.

  Actually I turn the ads off.  I have a mute button and besides I am not watching that much tv lately.  Is anyone?  Why all the money on tv ads?  Don't they realize people love their remote controls and know how to use them?

 I don't trust this system.  I hate that our Bush years were the result of very close calls that were decided by means other than popular votes.  I shudder at what will go on in the dark areas of the country where people are trying to vote by standing in long lines.  

    It could get nasty this week.  I hope it doesn't.  I hope Obama wins. 

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i think he will. i think sandy the superstorm showed us
how to come together again.
behind our horse, whom
we are angry at for being hobbled,
but whom we aint gonna change in midstream..
there is no passion for mitt.
hey! question! if you are in prison, cannot you still vote?
or do they take that right away?
I heard that the Romney people bought ads on gas pumps, too, because they had purchased their max for TV. Luckily, the station I visit is a private owned so they can't afford those fancy pumps.

Mail gives a paper trail, too, doesn't it, which electronic voting doesn't.
Totally agree, Z. It doesn't appear to be an option here in my new state of Texas. I loved it in the state of Washington where I used to live. Civilized, among other very good reasons.
I had to google it and apparently it depends on the State you are in. Peter figured out some way to vote after he was out but I don't think he voted while he was in.

That stupid campaign mail went straight in the garbage here. Do they really think anyone reads them? I saw fewer signs on the road this year too. Those things don't work either. It is the policies that people are voting for. Just a name doesnt do it anymore.
Me too, except I love going to a polling place and seeing everyone actively involved in voting. There's something very American about that... R&R ;-)
I don't vote by mail because I like seeing my ballot entering the tally machine and actually being counted. Simple as that. Sure you can supposedly check later by your ticket number, and maybe someday I will do that. But for now, I like seeing it go in the machine and get counted. My ballots (2 pages) were number 69 and 70 today at about 7:35am.
Oregon has only mail-in ballots. I absolutely love it and it has fostered an eagerness to vote in our kids as we vote at the table together, discussing the measures and other candidates you never hear about...there's something very American about voting at home with your family around the table too. The drive to the Voter's mailbox at the library is pretty American too, as are the waves 'hello' between the voters as we put our ballots in the box, then go checkout some library books.
Sure beats our Georgia voting experience, Husband and I standing in line for two hours whispering to each other as the only two clear Liberal voters in a sea of Repubs....if we ever live in Georgia again (we won't) I'll skip the Birkenstocks at the voting place :)
Here in South Carolina, that isn't an option. You have to go to your polling place on election day to vote. You can get an absentee ballot if you have a valid reason (valid is defined by statute here and mostly means disability or deployment), but you have to make a formal request a certain number of days in advance. There's a controversy here that utility workers and others who have gone east to help with Hurricane Sandy clean-up will be shut out of voting.
I worry about mail votes - I really do..
I just worry about the voting abuses.. that is all. So many tricks about.