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NOVEMBER 14, 2012 10:38AM

Paula and Holly.... I can't help but compare them....

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What is this compulsion I have to smirk when I see photos of Paula Broadwell and Holly Petraeus side by side.  I know the rest of the country and the world is looking at them too and saying.... "I get it".   An affair makes perfect sense to me. 

  I even looked at the picture of Paula's husband and say the same thing.  There is something about that doctor that is not appealing.  However I find General Petraeus very attractive with his little boy smile and warrior ways.


   Make over!  Someone needs to tell Holly that her hair is just too proper and she needs contacts or at least some new frames.  She also needs to buff up a bit.  What a cad I am!   I hate that I think like this about this kind woman.  She is probably devastated right now and here I am in my smug little den tearing her apart.  It is pathetic that I have these thoughts.



   Buff, driven and gorgeous, Paula Broadwell is everything I do not like in a woman.  Soft, yeilding and sweet seem to be what feminine beauty has always been about in Bibilical times.  Holly personifies that goodness and Paula is kicking it down the road while we all cringe.  Is she the modern woman that we have been evolving towards?   Are the Hollys of the world fated to disappear as we strive for survival of the fittest?


                    Paula's husband is a doctor.  This would be any woman's dream in my day.  The fifties were all about marrying a doctor and living happily ever after.  She has thrown him by the wayside and tromped on that dream.  She went for the warrior and who can blame her.  There is something about Petraeus that is so strong and decisive that I do not see in the face of this very kind man who is her husband.  Are the good guys losing?   


   This hot steamy affair has put several more grey hairs on Obama's head.  That General Allen behind Petraeus in the photo above is described as a Southern Gentleman who was just calling the socialite "Sweetheart" as a friendly term.  Paula was trying to save them all from her clutches as she knows about the power of lust and the draw of flirting.    I do not know any of these people but these kinds of thoughts have been in my head during these outings and I have to acknowledge that it is hot.

    Is this the kind of thing the Taliban is protecting its people from?  The decadence of the West that shows women in all their glory tempting the warriors off the path of war?   Is this why they want all females to be covered completely from head to toe and not have any exercise or education?  This is the power that they know exists in the world and they are fighting to the death to keep it away from their people.  

    What are we fighting for?   If we want women to be equal to men and free to grow into strong independence then we have to expect that there will be attractions like this one.  I wish for a happy ending to it all.  

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zanelle- you bring up some really good points here. Attractions happen- inevitable. And people are flawed. I feel bad for the good wife, having been one myself. Maybe Tom Petty nailed it, "Love is a long, long road."
the first time i saw paula gal,
i perked up. then i saw more of her, and man, i shrank away.

her eyes have nothing to do with the world i live in.
thank god.
she is a red hot gal, as my dear mom eleanor woulda said.

yikes. i hope you are being ironic when u say
southern charm boy
is any kinda match
for this athena.

put em in a push up competition, her and the general.

as for the next gal. the other one. the other
gal who gonna bring down a general.
would need to see more raw photos
of her to make a , uh, judgment.

jesus. i am going back in time, to when gals were soft and nice.
2 or 3 centuries.
I like Maureen am devasted for Holly. The other women are like cotton candy and will be melting somewhere down the line some day.
I hope the same thing does not happen to them.
Holly was really cute when she was young and a newly-wed.

I don't find the general to be attractive at all - ugly face, kind crouched over poor posture body. Maybe compelling personality - tho effing 'warriors' aren't a turn-on for me.

I think Paula and her husband both are kinda crazy-eyed.

I know it's terrible, but I have to snicker over the reports that Paula and Scott were having a romantic getaway dinner at some cute B&B, sans cell phones, the Friday night the story broke. And Sat. morning they reportedly left unexpectedly early and Scott "was not talkative".

I can imagine Holly being talkative however!

Gossip gossip, while these fool generals preside over the death and maiming of their soldiers and a bunch of civilians (and I suppose the occasional Taliban).
gossip gossip....exactly! It is insidious!
If your theory were correct gorgeous movie and tv stars wouldn't keep losing their husbands to other women. Petraeus and Edwards succumbed to their own narcissism. You could look like Holly, but if you offered to make a video or do a bio of the man, soon he would be swooning. Paula's husband is handsome, and I, for one, prefer him to Petraeus. There's also something called sexiness, which has nothing to do with looks. Cleopatra and Lillian Hellman are two examples of homely women (yes, Cleopatra was no looker and definitely didn't look like Elizabeth Taylor) who had the men at their fingertips. Zanelle, I think it's the first time I didn't agree with you. Still enjoyed your post.
Frank Bruni of the NYT noticed that Petraeus had an affair with a female version of himself. I'm with Pam on this one. For me, this story is largely about narcissism.

I don't know much about Holly, but I'm sympathizing with her. Also, I have no problem with the fact that she's a well-rounded woman. Besides, if souls were bodies, she might be a knockout! Not so sure about Buffy Broadwell in that regard! r
Glad you like well rounded women, Daniel. Im not sure I am a fan of Broadwell. I think I made it clear that I do not like her "type". I do like Petraeus over the Doc. On the View today they were all thinking about who would play these people when the movie comes out. It will all blow over soon thank goodness.
Laughing...this is the kind of news we don't get here! After all, why would it matter to World Politics. I always joke that if you want to see real news, get out of America!! Ha!