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NOVEMBER 15, 2012 9:58AM

Butterfly Failure...Matt Paust was right.

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      "There's no success like failure, and failure is no success at all."


    When the butterfly fell off it's perch with a clunk I knew I should have used the cement glue Matt Paust recommended.  Most contractors would say to drill holes in the wings and cement and put in some rebar.  I am determined to balance these butterflies on the pedastals without holes and rebar.  Time to head off the the hardware store and get some of that glue Matt was talking about.  I'll stick it in my caulking gun and fire away.  The nice thing is that the hardware store is near the donut shop.

    I know Open Salon doesn't want to hear about my trials and tribulations with Art.  Open exists for writers and journalists to add their knowledge and perspective to current events.  However I remember a time when artists were on the cover and people were interested in the process.  My process is a little crazy I admit.  I take chances and I fail.  I guess that is how people learn sometimes.  Others have it all figured out before they even start. 

    Open Salon seems to be floundering.  I see one butterfly wing dropping off after another so the gluing technique must be wrong.    There is not another Open Salon type arena in all of cyberspace as far as I know.  The link of writers and other creative types with a news outlet was a great idea.  

    Without the proper infrastructure it isn't going to fly.  We need the correct glue to keep the OS boat afloat.  We can jerryrig the elements all we want but in the end it might not be valuable enough to continue.  My artwork might not be viable.  I guess I have always known that but I really didn't care.  I went ahead doing experiments and sometimes they fail.  Hopefully things will be better from the results of these failures.  

   However sometimes things fail and just disappear.  Sometimes an idea is just not right.   Rustling a bunch of free thinking writers into a little box is not easy.   They take up room and are messy.  Some fall apart.  I am hoping they find the glue to fix OS.  Meanwhile I am off to the hardware store to get some of Matt Paust's glue and a doughnut.  

    This butterfly sculpture in the photo below is such an inspiration.....  craftsmanship.  I can imagine the workings of the mind that made this beautiful creature.  It is fragile too.  OS is working nicely this morning.  Life is tough but as I listen to the gunshots over Gaza I tremble at the possibilities of failure world wide.   I got the glue and the doughnut.  I am hoping for the best as it all dries again.  There is always hope.


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we should all pause and praise paust for being right, for once!
hey! speak for yerself, lady , when you say:
"I know Open Salon doesn't want to hear about my trials and tribulations with Art. "
Nice stretching your experience into an analogy.
for poor os.
THAT is art.
They just dont want to find the glue my sweet.
Me too... maybe you could have Matt send some of that glue to Jacob. R&R ;-)
Life is simple enough, isn't it, when all you really need is the right glue and a doughnut.
Beautiful thoughts, zanelle, nicely illustrated.
Read the new Barbara Kingsolver book. It's about monarch butterflies. Amazing book. About much more.
Great analogy. Bring on the glue.
Awww. I don't remember recommending any special glue, Zanelle, altho I always have good luck with a brand called Gorilla Glue. Good luck with it, and save me some donuts...wait...what?
The glue isnt setting. It is frustrating. Doing the impossible sometimes isn't possible. Time for a change.