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NOVEMBER 16, 2012 3:42AM

Count me In on the Out Open Salon is Broken Time to move.

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Open Salon is a community that uses the OS website to stay in touch with a core group of people who enjoy writing and discussing all kinds of topics. We, the writers, are the community; Open Salon is only a platform.

We believe the OS platform has become incapable of supporting the community that has developed here. We want to preserve our community as much as possible. The destination of choice for the greatest number of OS members has become OurSalon, a site that was created as a sort of lifeboat for Open Salon members in the event that Open Salon closed down. We have established memberships over there and many of us habitually double-post.

That has proven effective, but the result is a community split between two locations, complete with duplicate conversations, many between the same people at both locations. Until Open Salon becomes technically viable again, we would rather collect it at a single location, as that would result in less duplication of effort and, more importantly, far less frustration for the members of this community. That frustration has resulted in some community members leaving us altogether.

Let’s try this again. We will not engage in any activity on Open Salon for a minimum of a month. This will allow us to centralize our community in a location that is fully functioning. After that period, if Open Salon has addressed its problems, those of us who want to will revert to double-posting.

If you are ready to join in this trial move, please post this letter on your blog right away and make sure you open an account on Our Salon. We will plan to begin the trial on Monday morning, November 19, 2012.

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Zanelle,sad,sad,sad,but I'll oblige.
Here is something I've been reminded of by Sage Merlin's headline.
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See ya' on the other side, Luv~~
Monday, November 19th... all right you're on. Thirty days with no activity on Open Salon. No posts, no comments, no ratings, no sign-in, nothing, nada, zip, zero... maybe Jacob and his folks will get the message. Please feel free to copy and crosspost, read and rate all posts linked to or bearing this related Headline: Keep the Community, Ditch the Site. Maybe if this is all Jacob can see in the activity feed, he'll get something done over the next month.

See you all over at Our Salon.
Thank you for supporting this.
I still think they wont miss us and they dont care. But it helps my self esteem to go someplace that does care. Our Salon is a great place.
I signed up. Questions: Who is running this? Who says there won't be glitches etc.? Do the blogs reach a wider public? More than the 350 members? How are covers chosen? Are there editors?
It isn't about covers.
The public are the folk you see around you here.
It's about time ~ not waiting six minutes for a comment to load ; not receiving error messages every time you click, or seeing spam top-rated, or watching the little wheel spin.
It's about communication with the people who run the site.

See you there zanelle. Bring your butterflies !
ps to Pam :

Is there an editor here ?
Hi, I crossed over and was met with a welcome from a real editor! So far so good. See you on the other side!
I'm glad you are going to be where I can read you, Z.

I'm glad you are going to be where I can read you, Z.

Our Salon is awesome. So is Zoomers. Open was and could be awesome again.

Not sure what is going on here. Supposedly they are working on stuff but they never communicate. Just communicate, say something, do the Cover, make it fresh!! HELLO?

I do not wish OS ill.
I absolutely hope OS will overcome the technical problems it is having-
but I'm also concerned about the "Great Spam Wars"
I would suggest that in order to keep its membership
and serve the membership that has drawn the "Spammers"
That OS CLOSE the membership for a while.
Thia would discourage the spammers,
and allow a SERIOUS weeding out of those who view OS as a "marketplace" for junk
I understand that OS makes its money by "Selling Eyeballs"
I'm fine with that
But it makes no sense to allow freeloaders to sell in the feed
and dominate others writings and community
with commercial nonsense.

I'll be hanging around, but not posting.
I probably will comment ( if i can do it in under 15 minutes)
OS needs to sort out the community from the scavenger pack
I suggest closing membership while people go "inactive"
and cleansing the roll of itinerant marketeers.
I made the move a few weeks ago. I stop by here to see what's happening with the spam, but that's just about my only involvement.

I find recent developments here to be particularly disturbing. The editor said that they will be working on the spam problem. The next day he solicited hurricane photographs -- but never featured any of them. The cover has not been updated for a long time; it practically has dust and cobwebs on it. The spam remains uncontrolled, and we've heard nothing more of any plan to control it. Likewise site performance is very poor, and the many error messages continue.

There have been many comments and posts about all of this, but the editor is silent. At this point the site appears to have been abandoned. I don't know if it has been, but it seems like it. I don't know if Mr. Sugarman still works for Salon; he appears to be missing in action. Maybe we need to file a missing person report.

Many OS members are considering a move to Our Salon. Our Salon has better performance, no spam, better customer service, and better features. Regardless of what's happening at Open Salon, there are a lot of good reasons to make the move to Our Salon. Our Salon has fewer members, but that can change. Remember, there was a time when Open Salon didn't have many members either.
Let's grow a Open Salon Garden.
We'll walk in the Cool Moon Light.
We'll layand Nap in Red-Oak Leaves.
People are Potential So` Lovable.
We simple People No Be` Scum.
Wall-Street 'Beast' Be` Deprave.
I Believe in`Idiocy. Be`Behaved.
Good?EVIL ` Co-Exist` Behaves.
No Will Evil ` Be-Evils ` Savants.
Fools Do Be` Idiot Evil's` Servile.
I just Wondering and Eats` Kale.
Gouda Whey ` Ay! and ` Garlic.
Creamy Curds` O! and ` Sweet.
It's been Another ` Wild` Life.
One Day as thee` Blessedness.
I Got To Go Learn @` Other-
We (Some) Wean. We Behave.
Why Respect? We ` Poor Folk.
Folk seem Rich-in-Heart `Other.
Thee ` Other Salon Be ` Behaved.
Later . . .
Thanks . . .
@ Other
My Best.
Be Nice.
Some Try.
Beast No.
No Lose
You hot?
This lifeboat's crowded, but just roomy enough.
It is my sincere and hopeful wish that full use of this wonderful site will one day actually be restored so we may blog freely here once again.
Peace to you, GF!
I'll be joing you on the trek zanelle. Looks like there'll be plenty of familiar faces, or avatars.