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DECEMBER 15, 2012 9:34AM

"Miracle" OS Fiction Club

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  Up on the roof top a noise woke me.  I sat up straight in bed and listened.  It sounded like someone was walking around up there.  I have had wild turkeys, cats and black birds on the roof but this sounded like human boots.  Heavy steps went from one end of the roof to the other and I was frozen with fear.  It did cross my mind briefly that it could be Santa Claus.  I wanted so much to believe in him as a kid but I was an old lady now and I don't believe in miracles.

           The stomping stopped and I slowly got out of bed and grabbed a flashlight.  Maybe it was Santa looking for a chimney and moving on when he didn't find one.  I smiled thinking of a tree with presents for everyone under the boughs.  There had been many Christmas days like that in my life but this year there was no tree and no presents again.  I was beyond all that.

            As I peeked out the back door I saw someone as a dark shape jumping over the fence and running off into the nearby fields.  I trained the beam of my flashlight on them but they were moving too fast to get a good look.  I thought I saw a red hat with a white tassle.  Again my imagination must have been playing tricks on me and I shook my head and turned around to go back inside. 

              There before me in the living room was a beautiful vision of a big white tree with multicolored lights and there were three presents under it.  I went over to see if it was real and reached out to touch it but that caused the vision to evaporate.  I went back to bed slightly shaken and amazed by what I had seen.

              The next day I went around on my usual chores and enjoyed myself.   I told my best friend about the sounds and the vision but she said I was probably dreaming.  Dreams can be very real sometimes.  However the next night about midnight I heard the same sounds again.  This time I jumped up and went into the living room.  The stomping on the roof had stopped and the vision of the tree and presents was even more vivid.  I forgot about anything but touching those presents and this time my hand felt something hard when it reached out.  I flipped over the lid with the pretty bow attached and there were hundred dollar bills in nice piles inside the box.  The other two presents had twenties and tens in piles and to my touch they seemed real. 

           I went to the back door and peered into the darkness.  There was a dark shape by the fence and this time I saw a wave.  I waved back and yelled "Thank you!" and the shape evaporated before my eyes.  The money remained real and spendable and the noises on the roof never came back. 

          I'm glad I didn't panic and call the police and I am forever grateful to the entity who made it thru from some other time and space to make sure I am ok here and now.  I do believe in miracles after this and I am on the look out for the next one.  I hope when I pass over I can learn how to manifest things for people who are still stuck here.  I would enjoy being an angel or one of Santa's helpers.

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Wonderful story! And so great to read your work again here. /R