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JANUARY 13, 2013 9:17PM

The Reincarnation of Open Salon

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   As I write these words on Open Salon it feels familiar but oddly different too.  I smiled when I found the New Post click again and remembered how creative it made me feel to do a post on this format.

   It has been a long time since I posted.  Has Open reincarnated or have I?  I know we touched each other's hearts in a past life and our relationship hopefully will continue on in this reinvigorated Open.  

   Just seeing the blue border above and the familar logo turns me on.  It is like meeting a new lover for the first time and recognizing things that seem familiar.  You feel the magnetic pull through time and space.  It is powerful.

   Open Salon is a very addictive place.  I am wary of addictions in real life but lately I wonder what is REALITY?   If we truly transform and reincarnate all the time then we are constantly reinventing ourselves and the universe around us.

   Open Salon died.  I saw it's corpse twisting in cyberspace and I couldn't do anything to help it.  I stayed by its side as long as I could but in the end I had to abandon it.  I was reborn at Our Salon which was very similar and powerful too.

   But Open came back.  The cover started to move and the same old stuff rolled out.  I know it is a portal to the Big Salon and I have gone thru that worm hole once.  I don't know if I want to do that again. 

    I like to just float around here in Open Salon and be creative.  It feels good here and reincarnation seems to be all about seeking pleasure.  If something is painful we move on.  I do.  Open Salon hurt me in the old life.  It needed to die.

     Now with this new infusion of energy I am wary.  Will it die again?  Will I?  Where do we get an infusion of energy and can I have some for my mom and I?   I want to see people again and again and yet sometimes we have to move on.  Death seems to be so final.  

    If Open Salon had really died and all our posts were whirling out in space inaccessable to anyone it would have been sad.   I think we all mourned its possible permanent demise.  But it came back.

    And so I put this post out there into the arms of yet another reincarnated lover and hope that this time we can dance into eternity.  

009                                              A White Pelican

      Oh! How I missed that little green tree where I can click on it and upload a photo and share it with a string of people that I have become very fond of and am glad to see again in this new life.   I am not really big on cross posting.  I write enough so that I think I can be in love with Our and Open at the same time. Star crossed lovers.  Let the lightshow begin!

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no expert, Zanelle, but last night and tonight= no problems.

However I'd love to read and post on oursalon. Is it hard for a no-nothing tech-not to get in and post?
Our Salon is very similar to Open. But it is more beautiful and infinitely more kind. It is easy to post there.
I am now bi-site person. Open Salon has a personal and emotional drawing power that few can deny. Our Salon deserves our support, if just for the goodies that are there and hard work that went into giving us those things.

We can put our books up there, get more opportunities to be featured, have great multimedia features and much more. I even watched a feature length movie with chat one day!

Let's do both. There's room for cross posting and there's room for both!
Great post and so true about missing this great site. Our Salon is wonderful in many ways as well. I hope both stay healthy and active!
That was a weird process as to getting used to OS not being there anymore, and then... go figure.
How strange that I've now read two exquisitely beautiful posts (yours and Trilogy's poem) both equating OS with true love and its trials and tribulations; found, lost and found again, with a bond so strong it even survives death. Unusual way to think about it Zanelle yet you've both captured my feelings exactly. It's like the soul mate you couldn't believe you had the good luck to find, hurting you, leaving you then coming back. I'm wary too. Some days it almost seems too good to be true. I don't want to get burned again and there are days when I feel like I should stay away. But I guess something this good is worth the risk.
Then there's that little green tree and like you, I missed it so.
Welcome home, Z! I'm bi-site too, but this is where I feel really at home.
Definitely Bi-site. Although personal issues have kept me from posting, I do try to read. Nice essay. Well done, indeed!
I started reading and told myself, I'm going to post this on my FB page. I decided which paragraph to copy and paste to let others know what this is about, then I kept reading and found myself wanting to quote all of you.
Yes, even if I am not writing here right now, which doesn't mean I won't again, I so get what you feel.
(I can't believe how fast the pages are downloading, either)
Zanelle, great to see you back and looking forward to your wonderful posts. Likewise, I also have an account at Our Salon that I started after being persuaded it had a lot of great features and works smoothly. I think Lorianne has done an amazing job of setting up, running, and continuing to enhance the site in a host of ways. Now that OS is working smoothly it would nice to see some new features added here, as well.
I haven't posted anything anywhere for several months now, but it is good to see some green shoots springing up here on OS. I have missed it as well, and I worry that it won't be quite the same. But then, what is? Nice to see you again.
a breath of second wind.. let's hope it continues..
Nothing lasts forever. Mountains rise and fall, oceans become deserts and change is the only constant. So it is on the Net. I have been a member for almost nine years of a Writer's site that has close to a million members and I started blogging there. On that site, you almost need a degree in computer science to post a picture and posting a blog is generally a pain....but still they post.
Almost four years ago I found Open Salon and it was a breath of fresh air for my blogging needs. When Open went down, I joined Our Salon and it is a wonderful platform to work from. Now, I am a member of three sites and I blog on them all. One day one or more of them will probably go down, or cease to exist and I will move on to another one. What makes each of these sites special to me is not the site itself but the people I have met on them and the people who read my words on those sites.

Here's to many more years of writing and reading on Open Salon AND Our Salon.
Beware of zombies that return from the dead!

They sorta look and act like before they died, but they came back to eat your brain if given the chance!

Just say'in.
I am/was also addicted to this OS. While I love Our Salon, 4 years here has molded me to check out my friends her first, then head to Our Salon. I like them both and hope they both stay around (and work properly)
ha zanelle welcome to my world:
"lately I wonder what is REALITY? If we truly transform and reincarnate all the time then we are constantly reinventing ourselves and the universe around us."
well yes.
every day in every way. every thought changes the
subterranean sea of possibities
and an act of will?
sets up waves that crash on some shore somewhere.
This is an interesting approach, Z. For me, my reaction to the alleged comeback of OS is very similar to my reactions to a lover who has left me and then tried to return -- wary, wary, wary and usually with good reason. The cover hasn't been changed in almost a week again and the email notices still aren't being sent. Certain functions are still inoperable, like Search and Select All in the Inbox. I absolutely loved the place and I miss it still, but for me it will never be the same. I will be in both places.

I hope that it isn't the same old Open. I would hope that with each reincarnation we improve. Ha.
Zanelle -- Amen. I think I had forgotten the sense of community here. Glad to remember it now. (Like the past-life therapy I used to do way back in the 1980's). Good timing for me too --- as I have given my OS blog a serious makeover. In fact, I've posted a letter to Open Salon friends to get started. Please take a look if you have a chance. Thanks for this post. Thom
Hey, Zanelle. Reincarnation is the perfect metaphor here. I plan to cross-post some things in both places, making Open my "Second Life" in the blogosphere, and reserving Our for my more experimental items. Good to see you here again.
I wonder how they did it, and if they can keep the spammers away.
Yes, yes. I am now bi-site.ual, actually I'm in a 3-way with my own site (set up in desperation), Our Salon (the savior), and OS the source of all that I have become....
Me too Z... been back twice in the last few days and I like what I'm seeing. R&R ;-)
[r] z -- wistful and wise. people (singly or collectively) come into our lives they say for a "reason, a season or a lifetime." Maybe I should put an "s" at the end of the first two. Sometimes we don't know which category until the very end of the connection and we are profoundly moved and sometimes significantly altered by the discovery.

nice to see more of the community back and a better technically functioning site. Appreciate those of us who kept the lantern burning throughout the tech challenges. I am grateful to Open Salon.

enjoyed the pic, too,

best, libby
Open seems to be up and running, but it's a shame that it's no longer featured on the cover of Big Salon, as if nothing we ever do here matters outside our own little circle. I think it's also too bad that our resident reactionaries (you know who you are!) seem to have taken a permanent leave of absence. While they're hardly my favorite members, they did keep the rest of us honest.