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JANUARY 18, 2013 7:55AM

Gravity Bothered Her/Short OS Fiction Club

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  The dam rain was coming down again.  

                                    The little girl knew that there was sunshine up there somewhere.   She had been in an airplane and watched as they descended from the sun into the clouds to a rainy day in Seattle.   

   She wanted to turn the world upsidedown and watch the rain go out the other side of the clouds making holes so the sunshine could peek into her world.

                                      Her life had been in the rain country for so many years that she missed the sun dearly.  That dam gravity held her hostage.  In a world without gravity she could even float up into the clouds and go into the pure sunshine with ease.

                   GRAVITY was heavy.  As the little girl slogged to school in her rubber boots she stepped into a puddle and laughed as the reflection exploded in rays of sunlight.   She smashed her boots even harder into the puddles and delighted in the shower of drops that swirled around her.

       For just a moment she was free of that annoying gravity.



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I am very familiar with gravity. See it's work every day in the morning mirror. Love the image of the girl in the puddle. My boots were red. Well done Z. Thanks for a lovely start on a windy day.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if life could be minus the gravity of problems? Every single day something weighs us down and it would be wonderful if yet only for a few hours.
Ladies! Ladies! Come on! May be you don't, but there are those who appreciate gravity...and its effects!
Zanelle, this very post is why I am so glad that OS is back! I missed the days when I would write for bucks then rush here to read! Gravity, indeed. I am ready to be free of gravity..
I'm a little down on gravity myself after some run ins with it that resulted in bumps and bruises. Nice use of the prompt. R