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JANUARY 15, 2013 11:22AM

Who Cares About Lance Armstrong?

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      His skinny, little, bony body does not interest me in the least.  I see a million of his kind biking on the roads here in Southern California.  They seem to be skeletons pumping up inhuman inclines at breakneck speed against the laws of nature. I wonder if they see the beauty all around them?   I watched the Tour de France for the views of the mountains and quaint villages.  The speed of the bikers terrified me.

       Laid back and lazy, heading into decay, I am a lump on the sofa and computer chair with the earth not far away.  I try to blend into my surroundings and savor every molecule.  Competition and breaking records does not interest me. 

        The marriage of Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow did not last very long.  He probably didn't take the time to really make love to her.  That is something that lazy people do very well.   Wallowing instead of quick lightning runs seems to induce energy of a different kind.  Slow sustainable energy that fuels the soul is what I am interested in.

        Seeing Lance sitting down with Oprah was a contrast of two bodies; hers ripe with seductiveness and his poised for survival.   I know he wants the money from his sports fits.   I know he is out there because of the almighty dollar and not for some spiritual cleansing of his soul.

          He has millions of dollars and he wants to keep his lifestyle.  He hasn't pumped his pedals for nothing all these years.  I know he beat cancer and that propelled him along and I know the doping was just part of that desperate push to live.   I can't admire someone who cheats and he will always have that label.  He wanted his fame too much.

          Sometimes I think we should just let these athletes drug themselves into superhuman bodies with extraordinary stamina and enjoy the show.  The Sumi wrestlers are fattened up and sacrificed to the sport.  Let the skeleton bicycle people go as fast as the drugs will allow and watch the tires spin to dust.  I know we try to keep them honest but why not let them enhance themselves if that is what they want to do?

           I would love to see Lance sell all his stuff, live in a little shack on the beach and drink lots of rum.   I imagine him with a few extra pounds and a pot belly sitting on his reclining chair shooting the breeze about his days as a racer.   He would look good with longer hair and maybe even a ponytail.  A nice tan and a few tattoos would complete the picture and maybe a bong next to his chair too.



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You didn't get to the drug use until the 6th paragraph. That was refreshing and a different take. I liked it.
I agree.. I really do not care.. if it does not affect my life right now.. so be it
he ain't superman
your older Lance vision intrigues the neophyte hustler
to answer your title

I've been relatively disinterested in the whole Armstrong story all along, too. I can't tolerate a guy who blatantly lies and, as you say, cheats. So his whole saga is a real yawn to me. He and other dopers do such a massive disservice to honest athletes.

Like you, I'm not interested in competition. My idea of a bike ride is peddling leisurely along the way, stopping when I want to, coasting when I can. Speed for the sake of speed, and especially unnatural enhancers, are totally foreign to me.

Hi, Zanelle!
I'm with you, Zanelle. The billionaire and the millionaire. They're both irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. What I want to know is when she's going to start interviewing the young people under 25 who we have permanently locked out of the US economy.
Funny you should bring this up. I have never been interested in Lance Armstrong and I can't really say why. And now that you mention it, I've also lost all interest in Oprah. They have become irrelevant, sadly. I guess.

I think Lance's greatest performance wasn't winning all those races, it was being able to lie straight-faced to the world for so many years and act outraged when he was accused of doping. He ought to win an Oscar. And his foundation should change its name to Livedoped. Funny that he beat cancer - but all those performance enhancing drugs he took can cause cancer.
Exactly! God bless you! Very clever and funny. R
Love this! I, too, do not quite trust the overly-fit obsessive athlete! I see guys with rock-hard muscles & all I can think is how they must spend HOURS at the gym, staring at themselves in the mirror. Yawn. I LIKE laid back & lazy! Sounds good to me...