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JANUARY 17, 2013 11:02AM

Fall Finally Fell...Worry about Climate Change.

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    I have been so worried that the fall leaves were still on the trees here in January.  I kept thinking what would happen if they didn't fall off.  If the new sprouts were trying to come out but the old ones were still in the way how would life continue?

   Finally after a brutal five day cold spell they fell.  I am so thankful that they moved along.  Here is a tree two days ago.......


    This did not seem right to me.  This tree was too colorful for January even in Southern California.    Today the leaves were gone.  Finally.


   Ok,  things are warming up now and the new spring shoots can't be far away.  I have a vivid memory of a time in Seattle when the leaves all fell at once and clogged the drains on the freeways and filled the gutters to overflowing.  The frost had been late and when it came it was brutal and took the leaves down all at once.

    When nature is just a little off in her timing things get backed up and the natural movement of the universe wiggles on its axis.   I can see the changes as the moon gets full and and wanes.  Things get a little out of whack and then they go back to a more steady pace.  It is natural for life to fluctuate.  

   If Climate Change is truly something that man has created then we will see these odd glitches in the natural world a little more often.  We will experience the shift a little at a time.   The hot is getting hotter and the cold is getting colder and they will collide in superstorms.  

   I see the collisions everywhere as I walk around in the trees.  Climate makes lots of difference about when things happen.  My mind just could not comprehend what would develop if the old red leaves did not ever drop.  I knew they had to.   I am so glad they did and now I wait for the spring to bring on the new shoots.  So far everything is normal.  Isn't it?




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Zanelle- that was the first thing I noticed in Oakland - how the leaves were there one day.. and poof the next day they were gone.. Juts like life.
And I noticed that the leaves fell in July here in NYC because of the terrible heat. You have touched my other hot topic, if you'll excuse the word "hot." I think we are all in some level of denial over climate change. /R
I just wish to God these scientists are wrong. From what I learned, it is not going to be pretty. R