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JANUARY 21, 2013 7:07AM

Too Much Fanfare

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  I saw the simple ceremony where Obama took the Oath of Office on Sunday. 

   "I did it!" he told his youngest daughter and they hugged.   Michele gave him a kiss and his oldest daughter was obviously proud of him.   If I was being inaugurated as President I would think that this was enough.

    Didn't he think to say, "Enough! I have hostages in Algeria who are dead and money problems to solve,  I don't need a whole day of parades and balls."  He will have to wear a fancy suit and shake lots of hands.  Then I guess Tuesday he will get back to solving the big problems.

    I shouldn't begrudge him this HoopLa.  Maybe it is good for the country to spend all this money and give a big party for the new King...err...president.  He won.  I get it.  I am proud of him and I need him to do well.  I just think everyone would have respected him more if he had let this simple ceremony on Sunday be enough.  

    I would have liked to see him give his speech from the White House and over the airways on Monday, then take the rest of the day off in honor of Martin Luther King.  Wouldn't it have been amazing if he took all the money saved and put it towards paying off the National Debt?  It would have been a drop in the bucket but it would have been so symbolic.  I know people who don't accept their tax refund and want the goverment to keep it.  

   I think goverment is for solving problems and taking care of us.  On this big Ceremonial Day I feel kind of abandoned, like a child who wants to play with his Dad and instead has to watch him get all dressed up and go out for a party.   I know parties are important.  Maybe I am just a little jealous.  I know he and Michele will look great and have fun.   

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In Canada we hear maybe 5 minutes a day of american news.. This is low on the totem pole.. I think they should donate the money it costs to the poor.
I agree with you. To much to do for all this royal fanfare. How little the direction of this nation is altered by elections is too scary to discuss. Still we have Obama and not Romney. This alone is worth celebrating - and I am no fan of Obama.
It's interesting to think about how a nation like ours borrows the trappings of royalty and the rituals we've created in place of those formed in more ancient countries. Having lived in a monarchy as well as our democracy, it's a very weird set of notions to digest. Not to mention the cost . . . but party planners have to make a living too, I guess. :)
I'm with you, Zanelle. I thought the ceremony in the office was just fine and enough. I had to turn it off. Good post!
I am ashamed to say that I did not even watch it.