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JANUARY 24, 2013 6:55AM

Clinton Erupted in Anger

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" Clinton erupted in anger.

"With all due respect, what difference at this point does it make?" she said, waving her hands in the air. "We have four dead Americans. It's our job to figure out what happened and make sure it never happens again. People were trying in real time to get to the information."


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     I have the deepest respect for Hilary Clinton and I would vote for her in the next Presidential Election if she decides to run.  She is fierce when she has to be and her heart seems to be in the right place.  Plus she loves Bill with all his crazy ways and I admire her for sticking with him.

      So when I read that she "erupted in anger" I loved her even more.  The piece of information that concerns me with the Bengazi affair is that the Republicans voted to decrease spending for embassies around the world.  Got to save that dollar.  Hello?  That is the travesty of the deaths.  That is the source of what went wrong.

       Actions have consequences and in their zeal to save money the Republicans put us a this kind of risk.  Who did what during the actual attack makes no difference to me.  Whether there could have been a phone call here or some extra troops there is not the point.  If you really want to investigate what happened go back to the cuts in funding for security of the embassies.

        The ambassador ran and hid.  I saw a computer animation of the event and it was an act of terror.  When we quibble about what that means it amazes me.  Terror is when you have to run and hide, period.  Whether it was an official terrorist group or not is something we are still sorting out and I admire this administration for going after the criminals whoever they are.

       They talk about this administration taking a soft step in international affairs.  Thank goodness No Drama Obama isn't invading countries for revenge.  He is taking his time to figure out who exactly is to blame and bringing them to justice.

     The terrorist organizations in this world are beyond borders.  We need to get over the idea that it is country against country anymore.  "They" are everywhere.  This administration is smart and it is a modern world where warfare is tracked and documented.  We are not back in the era where it took two days for a letter to get to someone.  Information is golden.

     The administration handled the shootings in the best way they could.  All this finger pointing is a political ploy by the Right to put doubt in the American mind about the Democrats rule.  There is no doubt in my mind that Obama and Hilary can take that 3am emergency call and do the right thing.  


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I was so damn proud of her and if she runs she will win in 2016
It's almost funny to see the different takes on her testimony. I'm with you. It was a "Go, Clinton," type of moment. If she runs, they'll try to use it against her. I think they'll be surprised at the backfire.
I had CNN on in the background all afternoon while I finally (after some years) sorted out some papers that had been hopelessly jumbled and stuffed into a drawer. I admired Clinton for the way she handled things - blowing up at that stupid Johnson (I think it was) and declining to engage with horrible Rand and treating the irrascible McCain with courtesy, and going thru the whole five hours treating each questioner individually.

I would have been impressed...well, AM impressed. But there's one nagging problem. CNN reporters wandered into the compound days afterwards, found it unguarded, and found some sensitive documents. Days or weeks later other reporters did the same. wtf?
I hadn't heard about the reporters finding the place still unguarded. Interesting.
If I'd been one of the interrogators I'd have asked about that instead of stupid things like did you make a phone call to the counselate while this was going on and yammering on and on about the conflicting statements (when, after some big disaster, are there not conflicting statements - that idiocy, of expecting everything to be clear immediately to everyone on the scene is part of the driver behind the obnoxious Newtown conspiracy crap).
I'm crazy about Hillary, she's one tough turkey and doesn't give away her tears.
I am confused about the issues here. What is the problem. War is hell and the terrorists are everywhere. Obama is right to end the big wars and concentrate on the infiltration deep within every facet of the world. It is a whole new ballgame now. We know too much.
The notion that she was stonewalling...afraid to face these pathetic the funniest part of this entire situation.

Hillary would have made people like Rand Paul look like idiots....but they all beat her to it. They made themselves look like idiots...and in fairness to the idiots I've known, they made themselves look much worse than that.

She ought to send all of the Republicans in that room a box of chocolates for what they did. All of us fighting for a fairer, more reasonable nation ought do so!
You should have seen my face when I saw that footage. I was absolutely delighted to see her erupt in anger and outrage. I have lived for this day, I swear. Anthony Weiner (remember him?) went off like a missile a lot on the floor of Congress. Why shouldn't she? Go, Hilary!

She is one of the strongest people in politics. The republicans lose credibility every time they choose to attempt to score political points on this tragedy. They don't get it.
If Hilary were a man, they would not have used the word "erupted" (in anger). I hope she runs in 2016 too.
Good point. The word erupted is so female. There is a time to draw a line and she is very good at that. Think of all she has been through! Woo.
Bottom line: She comes off as solid...and people like Rand Paul come off looking like a sissy and a bully.

I'll give him this: That is not that easy to do.
A sissy and a bully. Great words.
If today was Jake's bi-weekly day to spend a minute or two at OPEN this would be an EP.

Hilary makes me swell with personal pride in this human race, that I am a part of it. No way will I ever be on the same level as Hilary but hey, gives one something to aspire to. Watching her best the knuckle draggers with a sigh and a yawn (and yeah a genuine tear) made my year.
"... was it guys out for a walk?..." "what difference does it make?".

It SHOULD make a difference. And Americans need to exit the personality cult bubble and heed what exactly Clinton is doing and what she is a party to and what she chose to be a party to by being Obama's Secretary of State. Hillary has brought her own smoke and mirrors to the accountability session. She stalled a long time but it is reckoning time but we still won't get the truth. Now it is "personality cult time for Team Dem" and the poor woman is an underdog so the truth is once again a casualty.

Clinton here is justifying lying to the public which is the M.O. of the administration and military to cover up the war crimes on the part of the US this time in Libya. And they were whopping there.

I blame Hillary Clinton as much as I blame all of the war criminals in the matrix, especially Obama. "The guys out for a walk" (how brazen Clinton is here in her tossing off the need for truth) that attacked Benghazi -- there was such war criminal activity on the part of the US in Libya it is staggering. And the "rebels" we enabled that were freedom fighters were not all rebels, there were many blood-thirsty foreign jihadists (who terrorized many of the real rebels so much they were killed or displaced and many very sorry they had cast their lot to rebel at all and throw in with down and dirty betraying America and NATO -and our media never allowed that there were citizens, many citizens, still VERY loyal to Gaddafi who didn't want their country pulverized into the latest Iraq) but the "ends justifies the means" to an amoral military and administration never seriously interested in foreign civilian casualties or not destroying a national civilization or infrastructure but when that spills over into 4 Americans inconveniently getting killed (which is tragic, too, of course, as tragic also as so many of the cannon fodder troops getting killed or committing suicide the media doesn't zone in on, either) then there is suddenly a spotlight, finally. Is there truth or opportunism on both sides of the aisle to spin and to minimize and to deny? And the losers are the manipulated citizens of America who are paying for massive gratuitous carnage around the globe and being colossally duped and economically wrecked by these wars.

The 13th commandment was violated and Hillary was involved since it was under her watch and turf supposedly, the crisis, "Don't get caught." The protests of the demonizing movie seemed a convenient coverup to a military and administration that uses so much secrecy and lies and lies to the American people about the violence it is perpetrating illegitimately. That is creating terrorists against us by the truckloads and truckloads with its regime-changing misuse of our money, our weaponry, our covert ops, our temporary and craven recruitment of al-Qaeda rebels for destabilization, our horrifying droning that so often kills indiscriminately (signature strikes = unknown victims who seem to be in the wrong place at wrong time but maybe not but WTF?)

I did not watch the full interrogation of Clinton but when I caught the out for a walk and what difference does it make lines they made me cringe. . I am not watching MSNBC on this. The NewsHour is cowardly and won't follow up on the real stories most of the time now. .

I also suspected Clinton would get badly burned by this administration somehow. Should not surprise us. Obama will let her twist in the wind which is his M.O. for media circuses to other people. There is a saying about getting down with dogs and getting up with fleas but that line minimizes how profound committing war crimes is.

But personality cultism is so rampant in the US maybe it will be played to advantage. The ethical freakshow churns ever onward in America. The media and Dem party operatives playing the lesser evil game so evil.

best, libby
She screwed up with Benghazi, but so did the self-serving liars and creeps who put on that ridiculous show yesterday. They only did it for their tiny minority of extremists who get them elected in small doses.

I want them out of my government. Recall them now. And Rand Paul couldn't even show in a Presidential primary. That comment really hurt him but he is to stupid to realize it.
So now in the news Hilary is asking for a law change that will let her fire the employees in the embassy who are responsible for the mess. I can see that it was something that got out of hand. Terrorists of all ilk, whether they be guys walking by or mad at a video or part of the Taliban are dangerous. I think when you start trying to place the blame you forget that war is hell and chaos happens. Get over it.

Sadly this message from you feels like "truthiness" of cronies suppressing roots of reality and the bottom line truth.

"GET OVER IT?" Wow. Championing ignorance and disinformation and political cronyism? War is hell -- end of exploration? Holy crap? Why do they hate us?

Yeah, Hillary's personality as Obama's apparently pre-empts to so very many Hillary's and Obama's moral choices that have more to do with character and values and, tragically, death and destruction for so many lives. Their betrayals are massive. They are caught in the matrix but they could challenge it like all of us.

Talk about discouraging messengers one more time who want and dig for the real non-propagandized story in spite of the ferocious media-manipulating disinformation from the "matrix".

Truth is an illusion. You can go crazy chasing your own tail. Time to move on. The investigation continues but sometimes you can't find the bad guys. Hilary and Barack are not the bad guys.
only LESSER evil? Bad guys to me. evil whether faux-lesser or not is not "good". libby
I just do not see Obama and Hilary as the bad ones to any degree.
Hillary had those angry republicans for lunch. They are no match to her in any respect. The respect Hillary have achieved worldwide is incomparable. She makes all Americans proud, especially American women. Those senators only showed their ignorance; they sounded like middleschool bullies. Excellent post, Z, and thank you. R
now comments are back on?
@ Thoth: Hillary had those angry republicans for lunch. They are no match to her in any respect. The respect Hillary have achieved worldwide is incomparable. She makes all Americans proud, especially American women. Those senators only showed their ignorance; they sounded like middleschool bullies. Excellent post, Z, and thank you. R

Some of the posts here indicate she did not make all American women proud...but she should have. She certainly made many men proud...and I am one of them.

The real laugh is that the Republicans on that committee actually thought she was avoiding them...that she was afraid of them. They are dreamers.

As Gov. Jindal of Louisiana, a Republican, said yesterday, "Republicans have got to stop being the party of 'stupid'"
I see libby got to insert her second favorite word


but, could it be, no SCHADENFREUDE?

Seriously libby, go snort a line of comet or something. Would probably make you feel better..