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JANUARY 25, 2013 9:38AM

Manti Te’o's Imaginary Girlfriend

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   What a terrible mess poor Manti Te'o is in.  He fell in love with a woman on the internet and it turns out it was a man pretending to be a woman who was playing with his heart. 

   He honestly had feelings for this woman and as a busy man with the Notre Dame Football Team all over the world he didn't have much time to be available to her.  Whoever did the hoax played him like a fish and I don't know why.   Perhaps he loved Manti and being a woman was the only way he could express that.  It is not uncommon for genders to be bent in internet conversations and connections.

     The internet is full of illusion.  The emotions that it brings forth are the basic ones of love, hate and sex.  It is easy to get pulled into a web of lies and play games.  Someone was manipulating ManTei's heart and now what should happen to this person?

    A law just came on the books in California making it illegal to form a false identity on the web.  The rogue Ronaiah could be in serious trouble and is laying low with his lawyer trying to figure out his next step. 


   He used a photo of a girl he knew in high school when he contacted the football player.   She knew nothing about this until it all surfaced.


  After a year of love talks on the telephone and stringing Manti Te'o along thru a fake car accident and a fake death Manti finally went to his parents and told them the girlfriend he had been talking about was not real and he was confused.

     Everyone is confused except me.  I know exactly how it could happen.  I was scammed on the internet.  Granted it only took me about a week to figure out it was a scam but still it was convincing at first.  I have talked to many people on the internet and the emotions are almost stronger than in real life.  You really think you know someone until a little fact slips and then you have to reevaluate the whole situation.

     It is embarassing especially when you tell friends you have met someone who turns you on and seems like a part of your life.  My kids think I am crazy to talk to people on the internet and I might be.  It is dangerous because lonely people are vulnerable.  Anyone who wants to be in love is a target for someone to come into their heart easily.

      Talking on the phone to a photo is very intimate.  You can lay like lovers and whisper sweet nothings.  It is comforting to have a voice that near and when someone touches your heart thru your mind it is very powerful.   Manti Te'o said he felt a connection with this woman because she was Somoan like he is and she was a Mormon too.  With that kind of connection and some snuggles it was a relief in his busy day to talk to this woman. 

     What happens in a good cyber relationship is that you keep track of each other.  Meeting might be out of the question for a variety of reasons but you still feel closely connected because the little messages and phone calls come at off moments.  They start to live in your mind and heart and you care for each other.  When a fact emerges that does not compute with your image of the other person it takes awhile to process and digest what it means.  Manti Te'o was just a sweetheart who cared.  

     The man who played the woman has a lot of explaining to do and maybe some jail time.





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I feel sorry for him. I wish the media would leave him alone and let him sort it out.
This is fascinating. I was wondering what you would write about this story because of your knowledge of the online culture. Very illuminating.
During the brief time I tried, I clicked with a guy in Ohio, just on the basis of a few email exchanges. He said really nice things, but did not inflate his station in life, saying he was a shift worker. One day -- it was on or around the 4th of July -- he said he had to run an errand for his sister and would "see" me on an IM later that day. I have never heard from him since. (It was a couple of years ago, now.) I was almost frantic with worry that he had had an accident and nobody in his family would know to contact me about it. No matter how ridiculous that sounded, even to me, I thought about it for weeks after that. I agree with your daughters that online "relationships" can be dangerous. I didn't know this guy from Adam's housecat and yet, I was somehow invested. Craziness!

Boy when things go wrong...
I have a couple of friends who have got involved w. men on the internet - and they were real men. And when they showed up in person they more or less maintained the illusion...until they didn't. It's all smoke and mirrors...We're wired to look for love the way we're wired to *see* faces...
I feel bad for him. At first, I thought he was in on the hoax, but it seems that he was played. All I can say is "Buyer beware!"
What bothers me is that now other states will join the California bandwagon and pass similar laws; and then we would certainly be living in a Big Brother world.
Yes this law could be trouble. I think internet stuff is like everyday stuff. Just intensified. Be careful out there but don't take away the freedom and the fun. Life is always an Illusion.
Two words - background check