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JANUARY 31, 2013 11:24AM

Embracing a Chain Link Fence

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   I was always annoyed that the chain link fence got in the way of my photos of the sunset.   I have taken hundreds of these sunset photos and  they were beginning to feel a little boring.  Too long in one place and I get restless.   However I hear that you need to make love to someone a thousand times before you even begin to know them.

   The sunset and I had a breakthrough tonight.  All of a sudden I embraced the chain link fence shapes.  They became little people marching over the flaming hillside.  Couples and families of spike heads appeared and I captured them all.










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Enjoy these. Great approach to look-around the obvious and embrace the (apparent) barrier as, in fact, an opportunity.

You could be a motivational speaker!

: )
You really got this one wired Zanelle.
Now you need to get up early in the morning, and take the same sequence as the sun is coming up.
Thanks Joisey! And Out on a Limb I was just up there on a morning walk and didn't even glance at the fence. Now I am curious what it looks like in a sunrise. Thanks.
interesting twist!
To be a good photographer one must have the eye of an artist who sees his work come alive on a blank canvas. You have the eye of an artist and I love the compisition of the pictures and how you framed your wire people. Most of all I love that you made ME see it as well.
Gorgeous and powerful images. Isn't it amazing how we appreciate the things we try to ignore?
A great lesson and great photographs as well!
I take pictures of them all the time... I love them
[r] awesome and startling pics, zanelle. well done. talk about re-framing the situation! literally and emotionally and intellectually!!! also love your title. best, libby
Beauty in the ordinary. I like to think that everything is art.
We're always looking around and over and missing what is right in front of us.
Been working on my macro photo shots too.
I like the wonderful contrast in the photos, Zanelle ... the rigidity and stark boldness that is man-made against the soft and colourful backdrop of nature.
Neat. It is so interesting to hear of people making a shift (paradigm shift?) I just caught a snippet of program on radio where author spoke of a shift in her vision when she saw things through her dogs eyes.