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JANUARY 29, 2013 9:58AM

Gay Boy Scouts

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   The uniformed Boy Scouts had a booth set up right outside the little grocery store.  There were two big  adult males and about eight little boys.   They were selling candy bars I think.  I could not look them in the eye.   Looking down, I went by them as fast as I could because I had heard of the gay ban by the Boy Scouts of America and I was wary of this group.

    The thing that worried me was the innocence of the little boys.  I was afraid for them and of course with fear comes avoidance.   I wanted to say something but that would have been uncalled for and rude. Fear is what keeps the Boy Scouts from addressing the issue of  homosexuality.  I imagine some parents would be afraid to walk by a group of boy scouts where they knew some of them might be gay.  

    This reminds me of the Chic-fil-a controversy when the CEO of that business said he did not support gay rights.   We are having one of those fast food chains built in my area now and I am wary of them.  However they made a statement saying that they had changed their mind much like the Boy Scouts are doing so now I feel I can eat there.

     What tumultuous times we are in!  The standard bearers are toppling and being redefined in new ways.  The idea of someone being gay and okay is finally taking hold in society.  It will change us all for the better.  Our eyes are opening more and more to a new world where all are considered equal.

      We try to respect each other.  The idea that a person's religion, race or gender preference will just be accepted automatically in the future is hard for me to believe.  If the Boy Scouts of America can not get behind those values then they need to become obsolete.  If they can embrace the idea of homosexuality and help people fit in to society instead of push them out we will all be uplifted.

     Apparently local groups will decide if they would accept gay members and leaders.  This could become very divisive.  There are many different ways this would affect the structure of the Boy Scouts and I can envision the same things happening to the Girl Scouts.  New Uniforms?  New Pledges?  New Badges?  Neighbors could become antagonistx.

      Certainly it will open up a dialogue on the subject.  When my mom and I were leaders things seemed pretty tame.  I don't recall any controversy at all about anything.  Things just simmered right below the surface.  In the future it will be just one more box to check off in the membership forms.   Race?  Age? Gay? Religion? In my day we were just glad someone wanted the kids for an afternoon a week. 

          It may be that there will be gay only Scout groups.   I bet those would be fun. But it isn't really frivolous, we are talking about people's whole lives here.  To be allowed to explore one's sexuality and then be approved when you figure it out will open up vast areas of supression.     People all like different things.  Get over it and get on to the problems of keeping us all safe and alive.

        The Scouting skills of survival are important no matter who we are sexually.  I loved the knot tying badge and it really had very little to do with my later blossoming into a fan of S&M.   Kids are just beginning in so many areas and they need the truth. 




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Yes- the whole anti-gay thing in Scouting really turned me off too - I was a scout and worked for them in a summer camp as a director. They had much bigger problems than gay kids then - a good portion of the adult leaders were not there for the right reasons. It bothered me who and how the council hired as well.
Scouting was a good idea - a place where poor kids could get access to training and mentoring - an alternative to the streets. But Scouting changed, and left the poor kids to the streets - to become more about right wing politics and less about coexisting with nature.
Good post, and I especially love your last paragraph. ~r
What's telling is that the BSA didn't even consider budging on the issue of gay rights until their corporate sponsors stated to disappear in droves.

I also find that them doing an Obama-ish, "Let's leave the choice up to the locals / states" to be cowardly. Either it is right and you stand up for it or it's not. THAT is one of the lessons that the BSA should be teaching.
I loved the knot tying badge and it really had very little to do with my later blossoming into a fan of S&M

I am glad you write this as it is time to shape up but that sentence got me and would make a wonderful book.. if you had..:)
It is too sorry when a great institution gets bogged down in bigotry that makes children's lives all about who is gay or not. The members will have to stop the madness and get back to the basics.
Back to the Basics....I like that. I expected that from the Scouts. But the basics are changing. Adapt or die.