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FEBRUARY 2, 2013 8:47PM

Bling Sells

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      When I went looking for mirror pieces at Michaels Art Supply Store I found a bag of jewels.  With special glue I put them all over the cement board butterfly wings.


  Then I dribbled Stucco mud over the bling.  This was a very satisfying step as it is symbolic for me just like anything is.  The fakey fancy bling was brought down to earth.  I like that.



       Have I mentioned my mother just loves BLING....?   I smoothed it all around and loved the properties of Stucco  which make you work fast and not fuss with details.  Have I mentioned that my mother loves details?  I covered it all up and buried the butterfly wing.


    After a short while I wipe the mud off the bling parts.  They really sparkle after their ordeal and in contrast to the mud.




      Thank you to my muses for letting me play with bling and mud.  It is very satisfying on so many levels.  During my daily 5pm call to my 94 year old mother I mentioned I was making more butterflies....

      "Oh," she said.   Maybe that means she thinks I have made enough already.  Maybe she thinks there are better things to do with a person's time.  Maybe she just doesn't get what I do.

      "Sell them," she said.   

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You make 'em and sell 'em too, girl! Thanks for sharing your process and thoughts. People rarely get this kind of insight from artists.
Playing with bling and mud - it doesn't get much better than that. And your mother has given you her blessing - go for it! They're beautiful.
If I sell them it is like selling my children.
Well then don't sell them - but keep making them.
"After a short while I wipe the mud off the bling parts. They really sparkle after their ordeal and in contrast to the mud." - sounds like a good metaphor. Love the contrast. I wonder how many mothers ever get their daughters. Keep on sparkling!
I try to "get" my daughters. It isn't easy. They are into so many things and sometimes I just can't keep up. The idea that Art is to sell makes me wary. Art is powerful stuff and seems more like magic to me than marketing.
[r] bravo, z!!!! love the effect and love love love butterflies! :-) best, libby