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FEBRUARY 7, 2013 10:47AM

Being an Avatar

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      This is Zanelle Aero, my Second Life avatar.  I control her every move and use her to interact with other avatars on that wonderful site.   I can change everything about her.  I keep an inventory of things I like.  I can even change her into an animal or a robot and I can make her invisible.  She can fly, make love and wiggle her boobs.  She is programed to look like she is breathing and her gaze follows my mouse as I move her around.

      As an extension of me she has all my faults and good points.  I build her fancy environments and we create Art together that we put in galleries on Second life.   Her life is very similar to my life in real time.  She is a little lonely but has made some very important and long lasting friendships with other avatars over the years.  She was created in 2006.

     It is easy to be Zanelle the avatar.  I go to her for relaxation and escape.  In her I can be and do anything.  No limits.  She and I explore all over the Second Life terrain which is endless.  We go to international sites and the Second Life burning man.   There are Blues Clubs where my avatar can just walk in and sit down and listen while I am in another window on my computer doing something else.  

     The music in Second Life can sometimes be streamed in by life performers playing in real time from their homes or on the road.  I have a friend who has quite a following in SL from his home in Alaska.   I listen to DJ's in Second Life who play the Blues I love to dance to.  

      I motate my avatar from the back at different distances.  Sometimes I can get right into her head.  We have made lovely homes in SL.  It takes me about a half hour to clear one home out and about an hour to make a new one.  I love decorating them and creating the gardens.  I just took down this Hawaiian environment.

    Hawaiian SL

 This one my avatar lives in now is called the Picasso Home and it is very modern.


           It is right next to a zoo where there are lots of exotic animals and beautiful gardens.  I have seen the zoo develop over the last five years and the work and attention to detail are amazing.


             My avatar can go in and out of doors and up stairs.  She sometimes looks like a drunk as I try to control the mouse.  She can get horribly tangled and crash.  She can be beautiful and very stubborn.


     I can zoom my focus way out or bring it right up to her face.  There are animations I can buy or create that make her do things automatically.  Some of the dance animations are so much fun and can be so silly.  She can be fat or thin, old or young, frumpy or naked.


     On the upper deck of the house she/I put an electric ball.  It interacts with the avatar with flashing lights and shapes.   I was inspired to take some photos around this ball.




                      There is power in having an avatar.  It is another tool on this journey to find out who we are.  If you could be anything in the universe who or what would you be?   I choose to be someone who is alot like I am in real life.  The possiblities are endless and yet I still like to come home.  I wonder where exactly home is sometimes.  



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not too often do we find a sophisticated, serious , philosophical woman
or man
taking advantage fearlessly and with great pleasure
the magic possibilities open to us
from the Electromagnetic Spectrum We have harnessed...
"There is power in having an avatar.
It is another tool on this journey to find out who we are.
If you could be anything in the universe who or what would you be?

I choose to be someone who is alot like I am in real life.
The possiblities are endless
and yet I still like to come home.
I wonder where exactly home is sometimes. "

ha home. home is in your herenow. nowhere else. it is the only 'place' or 'time' that exists.

I have created a second persona, this JME dude, who people actually dig ....couldnt have done it 30 yrs ago, when i might have needed it most, but now i can.

you are one hot, uh, second Z.
Online, you can be anything!!!
I think my imagination just got dwarfed.
Those boobs are so fun as they move realistically. The avatar breaths and shakes sometimes. The "life" there makes me wonder if I am someone's avatar in this reality.
Too cute! Kit has been sharing her avatars and creations with me as well and if i had the time, I'd be visiting with you in your virtual world. Nice animation!
Zanelle.. escapism at its finest..:)
I took the plunge in SL after you kept writing about it over two years ago and I LOVE it. You've often said you can be anything in SL and it's true. I think, as you also allude, we bring ourselves into our avatars and we also learn from the life our avatars lead. It's a little boggling sometimes, but fun.

Oh - if you can believe it, I only learned a couple months about the physics thing that lets you jiggle your boobies. The same engine lets you jiggle your butt. I played around with that for a few minutes, laughed myself stupid, and then put it away - I got enough jiggling and wiggling in RL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thanks again for opening this door up for me!
Thank you for being my friend in Second Life and on Open Kit. Im sure we would sit around and laugh ourselves silly in Real Life too...whatever that is..
Zanelle...this is ZANY. Ha! Wonderful!!! I have loved your recent posts talking about how much you enjoy the internet. The mind is a wonderful place, and interacting with others in there/here makes it even more wonderful. I just love reading your posts.

oh yeah, and that is a hot avatar too. ...
Thanks Emily, I do love cyberspace.