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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 11:56AM

The Purple House Neighborhood

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               What a wonderful walk my friend and I took around her neighborhood.  We loved this purple house.  The grass was full of dandelions just about to burst with seeds and we wanted to sneak through the gate and blow some for wishes.  Then we spotted the car that obviously goes with the house.  This seemed to be a classic California bungalow.

purple house 2                          I liked how the hose was curled up right on the front lawn and the paper was waiting to be picked up.  The color of those chartreuse pillows vibrated on that red wicker sofa.  The house wasn't an obnoxious purple but a lovely shade of lilac with dark maroon shutters.  Geraniums were everywhere.

    Here are some other houses we saw on our walk thru this San Diego neighborhood. 

    purple 4    

    purple 5     
    purple 6

    purple 8

purple 9 

Purple 10 


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houses alot more interesting there than here,Z, in the heart of puritan new england,
tho ya gotta dig those stark masterpieces from centuries past i guess.
i would enjoy some color . here? black and white.
California Color....yep, we have color here. Paradise.
I love San Diego and love that house and all the colors.
Love it! California Cool.
I like that verandah with that love seat.. that is my fave.
Zanelle- Your photos made me homesick for San Diego. I love how you take inspiration from everyday sights and make us slow down to really look. Love this.
So nice to see warm colours, and green front yards.