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FEBRUARY 10, 2013 10:33AM

Good News Sunday / New Glasses

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  I went into a Lenscrafters and got a perscription and two pair of new glasses.  They have a reflective coating on them and so far I love them.  The ones I use at my computer sparkle with rainbows and immediately eased my eye strain.  The ones I got for sunshine and driving are dark and yet clear.

   My eyes had been so sad.  They were itchy, red and blurry.  Now I can see! I hadn't had new glasses for about four years.  It seems important to help my eyes see.

   A funny thing happened at the beach.  I was in awe at how beautiful the landscape seemed with my new sunglasses. Then I noticed the red sparkles in the water.  Rainbows glowing in the waves.  I took about ten photos of the water and I was just about to ask the people around me if there had been an oil slick nearby to produce these amazing colors in the waves.

   Then I realized it was my glasses.  I took them off and the water returned to normal.  Normal seems dull now.  My new glasses have spoiled me.  I talked to a photographer on the beach about filters that produce the same effect.  He assured me that you can get that kind of thing for good cameras but not little cameras like I have.  Maybe it is time for a new camera too.

   Here is the best I could do to reproduce what I saw in the waves.

   Rainbow Water

   Actually it was all the white highlights that were turned red and moved into other colors as the wave moved in.  It was so beautiful.   Here are some ordinary waves I played with on Pic Monkey.

    rainbow water 3

     Our vision is being altered and in the future we may rely on drones to see for us.  I wish I could send my new glasses up in the sky to take a look at the traffic conditions or see over the next hill.  The future is now.

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Pretty waves. I like the colored highlights.

Have you thought about taking the picture through your glasses? I have used binoculars for a zoom lens before, and have thought about using my glasses because they cut glare so well but I haven't done it yet.
You and I think so much alike! It did occur to me a couple days later that I would like to try that. Just need some sun now. Lots of cold rain here for a change. Thanks for the comment.
I will be getting new glasses next week! I hope I see the same colors and will get to a near by river to try them out...You have a wonderful eye, you know this I hope.
Your so right about that...the future is here and now...
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
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