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FEBRUARY 11, 2013 11:08AM

I Never Said I Was Nice

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                            I can say that I try to be kind.

                            Nice is something I am not sure I trust.

                            I like the truth and it is not always nice.

                            Kindness makes it all ok again.



                             Nicey Nice annoys me.  Pollyannas.

                             It is what you do and not what you say.

                             Nice is something you say,

                              Kind is something you do.


                             Kindness comes in small things

                              It is humble and quiet.

                              Nice barges in with a loud titter

                              Pushing things around.


                             Nice is the kid of kind

                             Stalking each other and trying to be civilized.

                             We need more of both in this world.


                              If you can't be kind be nice.

                             If you can't be nice be kind.



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Don't let clouds get in your way. R.
I love your distinction: " Nice is the kid of kind."

Ideally Nice will grow up to be Kind.

Another distinction: nice can be forced; kindness cannot.
I always say this!! Wonderful poem beautifully explaining the difference between nice and kind.
[r] excellent sensibility, excellent pics!!! best, libby
This poem rings so true to a writer fixated on semantics. Allowing that kind/nice are verbs rather than adjectives is a grand illustration of the difference in concept.

It falls in line with an old adage that people judge us by our actions ... not by our intentions.

Lovely rendering, Zanelle

Yes! Nice is fake. Kind is for real.

That is why I live New Yorkers...not all of them, though. Excellent piece.R
Thanks folks. It means so much to me that you "get" this.
To be known for your good works in life. Great piece, makes perfect sense.

I had never thought much about the difference. But I think you nailed it.
I agree with Margaret.. it should never be forced... it should just flow.