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FEBRUARY 13, 2013 11:38AM

A Confused Butterfly

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    In the natural flow of things it would be called a mutant.   A little shift in the DNA and a butterfly could be born with some defects.  My first butterfly of four is almost done and when I was painting the veins on the wings I realized that the wings were on backwards.


   I thought I would just keep him for my own and not put him out in the world so people could laugh at him.  Yes, he has a few other defects in the perfect symmetry of his wings but you can't really tell at first glance.  The fact that the wings are backwards is pretty apparent once you notice it tho and he is forever marked.  I could smash him and redo him but he has already exploded once and been reassembled.  Poor little guy.  Born to a mother on pot.  



  I love his psychedelic body and the way he can perch on a railing or a table.   He is more dear to me because he has problems.  I have a caregiver mentality that distrusts order and empathizes with hurt.  He doesn't know he is different.  I think he would like to fly but for now he sits and lets his wings dry in the sun.  He will fly.  I made him to fly and a backwards wing and a few misplaced lines and mirrors are not going to spoil that for him.  In real life he would have a hard time surviving and probably fall victim to a bird right away.  But in my world he can live a long time in all his warped glory.

           His cousin is coming along quite nicely.  Born in the #2 place he benefits from the trials and errors of the first butterfly's birth.  He will get some black veins and I will try my best to make them symmetrical.  It is just that I get so bored with symmetry.


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I am having some serious identification w/your mutant butterfly.
I mean,my mom coulda said sorta this about me!
"he is forever marked. I could smash him and redo him but he has already exploded once and been reassembled. "
I am glad you have that caretaker blood in your veins.
I would grieve the demise of this lovely psychedelic freak.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets bored with symmetry. I chose my dog from a litter of five because she was the one whose legs were too long and she had an underbite. To me, she is perfection.

ahh, zanelle ~ perfect.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! just a doggone minute there......!

His wings aren't on backward...... his HEAD is on the wrong end!!!

An antenna adjustment and a little paint and he'll be right as rain..!!


I loved this so much such a special butterfly you have given birth too...
if its the same as everything else I am not interested. I like imperfection.
[r] I celebrate you celebrating him. We all rise sometimes to our own measures of "warped glory". Thanks for that phrasing! I will remember and apply to myself mostly from time to time when I need to qualify some of my imperfect but grander (relatively speaking) moments!!! The second child benefits from the mistakes on the first of the parent. Yes, I appreciate. bravo!!! best, libby
@ James, you are such a hoot! a droll one.