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FEBRUARY 14, 2013 12:18PM

Petunia Sue Valentine

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             It is interesting how much of my life I have shared on Open Salon.   I try not to make it a diary of my daily life but it does become that sometimes.  I have written about the birth of Petunia Sue two and a half years ago in Juneau Alaska.  What a wild time that was.  

            Now they are all on the big island in Hawaii.  It is windy there and they are on the wet side of the island.  The beach is rocky with lava and Petunia likes to pretend to fly in the wind.   She got a new tricycle for Christmas and she is starting to talk.  alot.

            Thank you for letting me share my life in this place.  I tell people that if they want to know who I am they can read my blog.  It is amazing how many people do not do that.  I know that putting yourself out there in cyberspace or anywhere else is making yourself vulnerable.  It is the sharing of who I am and what I think that fuels me tho.  

          Petunia Sue fuels me too.  Happy Valentines Day! 

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She's adorable. I think I see a resemblance.
eh what is this nonsense?
Thank you for letting me share my life in this place. ?
we do it for our own satisfaction too,you know..
a diary of your uncanny head is a literary classic.
with petunia sue now as a character in the long drama.

share.fuels you,us too.
How full of love your heart must be.
She is sooo cute...hey I'm glad your here too :)
I absolutely love this post. And those pictures!. I just want to squeeze her and kiss those sweet cheeks. This made my day.
She is adorable. And what a great name. I remember when you told us she was born... ~r
I'm with Jeanne, I think I see a resemblance as well -- she's adorable!
I love it when they really begin talking...
GORGEOUS little girl - she's really blossoming!
What a darling, Zanelle! She is a zingly little light, for sure!!! Thanks. I miss babies!
Beautiful photos and words. Always good to read you zanelle!
Thank YOU for sharing your life in this place, and for Petunia Sue too.