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MARCH 5, 2013 10:06AM

Goodwill Cape

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    Goodwill is big business and I am glad, I think.   They took over the Purple Heart Thrift store in my mom's town and shaped it into a quality store where people can find amazing things.  They also have a job training program and the stores are clean and organized.  

    In my little town Goodwill has taken over the local non profit thrift store and they are tearing it all up now in a big remodel.  There are professional signs outside and a manned donation truck is on site every day.  I would like that job of sitting in the truck all day.  The fellow took everything I offered without question.  

    I can imagine that Goodwill has a tremendous garbage bill.  I saw bins for recycled computers and electronics.  The old thrift shop had a parking lot full of soggy trash that seemed to sit there for months.  The merchandise seemed like trash too.  Now the things in Goodwill are clean and priced.  I have to say I like it.

    I do remember the old days of finding amazing things in dirty, over crowded thrift stores.  We have a Salvation Army around the corner from Goodwill and it is trashy.  They do have some big bargains sometimes but it is hard to find them. 

    I really didn't see any bargain sales at Goodwill but the prices were reasonable today.  I thought when they first opened that the prices were the same as going to Ross Dress For Less or Walmart.  I would rather pay fifty cents for something and have to dig for it now that I think about it all. Is Goodwill going corporate? Are corporations inherently bad?

    Oh Well,  I am happy because I got a new CAPE at Goodwill for $6.99 today.  I couldn't believe I was able to grab it off the incoming cart and I wondered why I was getting this magical thing.  Just in the right place at the right time I guess.  Thank you Goodwill.  Please keep your prices reasonable!




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I LOVE goodwill. You scored on the nice cape!
Zanelle.. Goodwill and all the other charity places are all on the internet. They have people that sort the good from the bad. If you look on Amazon and Ebay that is where they sell top of the line stuff. So the stuff in their stores is expensive and not that valuable. BUT you found a great cape and that is terrific. I know longer go there but glad some people still do..:)
That is a great (& magical!) cape! We don't have a Goodwill here, & our Salvation Army closed a couple of years ago. But we do have a few second hand stores where you can sometimes score a great flannel shirt or wooden picture frames or dessert dishes! Last year I found a simple white cotton dress which I dyed purple & wore all summer! Where we used to live, Goodwill came through the neighborhood with their truck, collecting bags of used clothes & even furniture. It was sooo handy.
That's a great cape and I'm happy you found it at a real steal! We have all kinds of different thrift stores here and sometimes I spend more there than I would on things that are on clearance at Ross. I shop at both and when the thrift store is more I shrug and remind myself that the ones I shop at are using the money for something other than investors being able to buy caviar.

I try to stick to the items that are half off that day, especially Levis which are never cheap. At one place called Saver's I asked a worker pulling things off the shelf what the deal was. She said that each day of the week had a different color tag for the day it went on the floor, after a week that color became 1/2 price, if it didn't sell, the next day they pulled it so the shelves didn't get full. She told me they bundled it and it got shipped to the poor in places like Africa. I thought that was pretty cool. I wonder what happens to the stuff at Goodwill?

Now I hope I find a fabulous cape in the thrift store. I'd also like a paisley palazzo pant jumpsuit, which I have been seeking for a decade. I like thrifting, it's like treasure hunting.
Suzie....they open and close everywhere. It just seems that lately they are big business at Goodwill. Not a bad thing?

Bleue...I wonder what Goodwill does with the extras that don't sell. I think someone very shrewd is at the top of the heap.
I love the flea markets and yard sales too. I bought a $300 leather jacket for $20 dollars at a GoodWill. Black leather and it looks great. Love the Cape(s)~~
The prices of everything in the local Goodwill stores in my area have risen dramatically, and they now employ appraisers to appraise everything they sell, so as to squeeze out every last drop of blood from the consumer; everything has gone up, including [my personal favorite] books. The result is a new hotshot CEO making big money and me paying $4.00 for a book [Lust, Viloence, Sin and Magic; 60 Years of Esquire Fiction] I not a year ago would only have paid a mere 25 cents for.

Furthermore, the Salvation Army is considered a Church [Protestant] by the IRS and therefore, pays no taxes, and don't forget; the Salvation Army, once thought of as American as Mom's Apple Pie, is a global operation, and has its world headquarters in London, England.

Worst of all, in my book, is that I have given hard earned cash, as well as materials, to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers, every year, for decades, and only recently learned that they are a Church, and my donation, considered a tythe....So why aren't all Churches allowed out there, in store parking lots around Christmas, collecting for the needy with their tythe plates? --Hey, I'm no Christian, yet I'd like to know...

Furthermore, the compensation packages of the higher ups in the Salvation Army are comparable to any Fortune 500 Company, and yet, they don't offer a Living Wage to their employees, nor do they give them insurance. Plus, when a worker quits or gets fired, no employment compensation available. All this, built upon great PR and the good will of people, willing to donate: clothes, money, jewelry, furniture, books,etc....

Thank you.
I hadn't realized that about the Salvation Army but it makes sense. Maybe Goodwill is better then as it does help its workers. I don't know. They both sound like big big corrupt corporations to me. I love the stuff tho.
I have a feeling the prices are about to go up! :D
Nice cape. Our Goodwill is pretty careful not to take some stuff, like used computers or most appliances. The whole thrift store thing has evolved a lot over the years.