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FEBRUARY 14, 2014 6:21AM

Roaming Hands

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  When I was a young teen my mother and I took a ship ride to the Philipines.  Since we lived on Guam where my Dad worked for the military these trips on big Navy cruisers were cheap and frequent.  One nite a young male teen befriended me and asked if I wanted to walk up to the top deck.   Sure.

                                        young me and mom

   We went by the railings and suddenly his hands were all over me.  They tugged at the buttons on my shirtwaist dress and flew over my breasts.  He was like an Octopus.  I must have looked like I needed help because out of the blackness of that top deck a big Navy soldier came up behind us.  

   "I don't think the lady wants you to do that."  I will always remember his deep voice and the way the arms stopped flailing immediately.  I broke away and must have walked off by myself because I don't remember seeing him again.

    I wonder where my mother was at this time.  I remember asking her about another time I went off with someone who had Roaming Hands.  "We couldn't stop you." is what my mother said.

    We had been at the family friends' cabin on a little island off the main island of Guam.  The other end of the island was a small military base and the guys would often walk by and wave.  This time one of them was alone and he zeroed in on me somehow and off we went for a walk down the beach and around the point.  As we sat there alone on the pure white sand his arms danced along my body but I soon pulled back and he was not relentless.  We weren't gone very long.  


                Suzie on Guam

      Now I like roaming hands.  Being touched and adored, turned on and appreciated is a royal treat.  I am still very picky about who touches me and when I give in and surrender to a special touch it seems like ecstasy to me.  I can see why it was too much for my teenage self.  It is sometimes overwhelming as an adult too.  Just like learning to warm yourself with fire.  It is powerful stuff.

   I remember the days of Oryoki's erotica and the midnite Salon Sex column.  It seems that Open isn't really that open and I am ok with that.  I post things here that touch my heart and that is enough.

                       erotic hearts




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Keep on, keeping on ... and gettin' it on!

The best part of life, right?
I don't know Joisey. I had a tarot card reading once that predicted I would spend the last part of my life in chaste meditation. Sounds kind of peaceful.
Z, first let me address this matter of "chaste meditation"..
Here is my theory: considering your mom's age & health,
you will no doubt live to about 120.
So, maybe you will spend your 110's in abovementioned celibacy?
(seems improbable)

As for roaming hands, I as a red blooded male
surely got em. But they are very polite about it.
Its really no fun to roam yer hands over an unwilling gal.
Not that I ever done that.
A nice sweet willing love-victim is much much better...

also, some of these wimmin today got roaming hands too,
ever since that Sexual Revolution, yknow!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Rated and shared [shared!?]

ditto JS, life is short have fun!
(resisting the urge to type "That's right, Rita! Hop on for the ride!" because that might be misconstrued ... thank goodness that's only a thought in my head)
Z, your post recalls adolescent jokes about Roman hands and Russian fingers. American memories.
Brought to mind some experiences of my own as a girl.
I sure do like NOW better.
I am very picky about whom I let get touchy with me, too.
Makes the surrender all that more sweet.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Times on one's own can likewise be a treat. Having learned to enjoy both, I can attest to the fact that we are always with ourselves, whether or not we happen to find a partner...
Happy delicious VDay, Ms Z!
Get your finger out of my belly button. That's not my finger. That's not my belly button.
Roaming Hands, welcome ones, unwelcome ones...your thoughts bring back remembered furtive, quick roams, from a time when I barely knew how to handle my new body much less the power of attraction...
Now I like the welcomed Roaming Hands.
The one pair I know so well - ahhh : )
Happy Valentine's Day, zanelle ~
A welcome touch can be exquisite. An unwelcome touch is terrifying. It's amazing how the same stimulus can evoke such opposite responses.

After I meditate I sometimes feel the need for a "hug". Meditation has never been chaste for me.