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December 07
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DECEMBER 18, 2011 8:05AM


  Teeth grinding, neck crunching, intestine twisting and finger biting all combine to show me that my body is under stress.   Driving on the freeways of Southern California is part of it,  dealing with my aging Mom and the death of my boyfriend which plunged me into poverty have combin… Read full post »

   In my short story this weekend some of the comments suggested that the main character could use some more details.  I think I don't like to make my stories too long to burden my readers and that is why I skimp on character development.  I think I could use some… Read full post »

   Maid Sheila put on her warm shawl and went down to the village square to help with the Winter Solstice preparations.  She heard a commotion inside the main hut and peeked in to see one of the richest farmers in the village standing up on a… Read full post »
DECEMBER 16, 2011 11:46PM

Ray Street at Night

  There is a place to go the second Saturday of every month where a tiny street in the city is transformed into an Art Walk. 



  I had to laugh at these Christmas trees decorated with… Read full post »

DECEMBER 16, 2011 8:22AM

OWS Art Festival in Second Life


    I stumbled upon this great site because I follow Ziffy Zarf who plays the old time Blues.  He was playing lots of working songs with Blindboink Parham.  Lots of amazing images and good music.


 "One day the poor will have nothing to eat but the… Read full post »

DECEMBER 15, 2011 10:04AM

The Fabulous Follies in Palm Springs



        We enjoyed the show!  I walked down into the old theater in the heart of Palm Springs and it was like entering a bygone era.  The glitzy zip was exhilarating.  Mom hung onto my arm as we made our way into the crowded thea… Read full post »

DECEMBER 14, 2011 8:48AM

Crammed Onto a Bus Tour to Palm Springs

    All the Qtips and my mom crammed into a bus tour to Palm Springs.  We were on the bus about three hours each way and saw the Fabulous Follies.  I don't regret a minute of the day but it was hard to be on that bus so long.  I took… Read full post »

DECEMBER 13, 2011 7:17AM

Christmas Lights Parade and Winter Angst



  I'm just glad the crowds were peaceful.  No fights and all joy.  There were a few spoiled kids and free hot cider, hot chocolate and cookies at the community center under an almost full moon.  It was very dark in this little town.

039  … Read full post »

DECEMBER 12, 2011 7:04AM

Eating a Pomegranate



          Friend or Foe?  This pomegranate has been sitting on my counter for a week now.  I know they are messy and I have… Read full post »

DECEMBER 11, 2011 8:19AM

Something to Write About

 You have to have experiences so that you have something to write about and a place to write from in your soul. My soul has been doing some growing this weekend and Im glad to report I have lots of stories as a result. It has also been doing some… Read full post »

     The Mountain Bar was one of her favorite candies.  She had a stash of them in her drawer at work just like Detective Brenda on the tv show 'The Closer' who loves her 'Moon Pies'.  It was no one's business but her own that she had a craving for sweets. … Read full post »

DECEMBER 9, 2011 6:34AM

9am drug deal?

  At 9am a car pulls up in the driveway and two teenage boys get out and knock on my neighbor's door.  They peer into the window and eventually her head pokes out.  She is back from jail now, no car in the garage and the string of these kinds of… Read full post »

   It was so nice to see Cranky, Designanator and Greg at the OS Holiday party.  I was missing that kind of connection with the people at the top and now that I have some real photos and feel like we had a sip together I am happy to be part… Read full post »

DECEMBER 8, 2011 9:25AM

The Gift of Time

I have time now. 

Squandering it like a drunk

I drift thru the days relaxed.


Time to waste

Trickling thru my fingers

I don't realize the value of each second.


Time to see the dawn and play some games

Listen to music and think.

Maybe that is a… Read full post »

DECEMBER 7, 2011 7:40AM

Too Sick for Christmas Flowers

"Hello, Cousin Jan?  This is Dorothy.  I wanted to tell you that I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I have to rest and stay quiet."

  "Oh hello, Aunt Dorothy, sorry to hear that."  

 "So I don't want you sending any flowers to me at Christmas this year. … Read full post »

DECEMBER 6, 2011 8:27PM

Your Brain on CyberLove

   I had a comment on my Second Life post that seemed to question how sensual experiences could be fantastic in cyberspace.  The answer is that the brain is the most powerful sex organ. 

  In Second Life and many other sites you are an avatar.  You cannot feel but… Read full post »

DECEMBER 6, 2011 8:20AM

The 420 Word Stories of Lou Beach

     These stories have gone viral.  This man seems to have tapped into a vein of inspiration that he says comes from observing the world and then thinking about what he sees.  In the… Read full post »

DECEMBER 5, 2011 9:19PM

Lay Lady Lay

   This song was part of my very first sexual awakenings.  I remember hearing it in my late teens and thinking it was one of the sexiest songs I had ever heard.  It was quite ground breaking in those early sixties.  The raw emotions were not something that had… Read full post »
DECEMBER 5, 2011 8:04AM

December Nites/San Diego at its Best

021                Balboa Park in San Diego is about a hundred years old.  Every December they open all the museums up for free and have live music, lots of food and Art booths. The last time I went my boyfriend had a horrible diabetic… Read full post »


   What to do while OS is down? There is life in cyberspace that can be just as fulfilling and fun as cruising the OS blog posts. I go to Second Life and meet amazing people from all over ther world. I also listen… Read full post »

    He was stunned.  She had thrown a frying pan that glanced off his forehead and then she had stormed out the door.  He had just been about to pour more wine into their glasses but he had put the bottle down and run after her carrying the glasses with him. … Read full post »

   My mother called in a panic that the high wind warnings might blow the roof off my little house in the hills east of San Diego.  The news reports warned of 60 mph winds and rain.  I assured her I was fine and went to sleep.  She said she… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 29, 2011 8:46AM

Avoiding the Local News

    I just had a glimpse of the local news and it overwhelmed me.  I have been on a news fast for about five years now and it is bliss.  This morning in a fast minute I got an earful of attacks by wild dogs, bodies found in the woods and… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 28, 2011 8:37AM

Weaving Iris Reeds


Who was the first to figure out that reeds make nice woven mats?  I was pruning the dead leaves from my Iris plants and on my way to the trash with them I stopped and started to weave them together.



    I try to leave the old leaves… Read full post »

1)  I am surprised I like the tv show where they follow people who bid on storage units and find out where they sell the items and how much they get for them.  

2)  I am surprised that I like burping and farting.  So many people fight those two bodily… Read full post »