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December 07
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JULY 22, 2011 9:44AM

Talking To My Elder Self

  There is much talk about your inner child but how about talking to that old person who is inside you too.

    "Hey, Grandma, glad you are still alive.  I told you that I would stop eating a whole cake in one day and now it only takes me… Read full post »

   There are triggers after a traumatic incident that stay with you and erupt on an otherwise sunny carefree day.  I feel the tension every time I come to the intersection where my boyfriend was involved in a DUI accident.  It was 10am  and his alcohol level was four times th… Read full post »

JULY 20, 2011 10:17PM

Flirting on Second Life


   I spotted his unique avatar at Inspire Space Park.   A shaman who had been on this site since 2007.  I have been on here since 2006 and the place still blows my mind.

   He was checking out my profile too and when I messaged him that I… Read full post »

 "He sees you when you're sleeping.  He knows when you're awake.  He knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!"

    Suzie knew that there was someone watching her.  Ever since she was a little girl she had felt guided by someone just out of… Read full post »

    Get your investment portfolio out as this is the next big thing.  Apparently it has been around since 2009 for the Gay community but it is now the next big thing for anyone looking to find a date.

     There are about twenty five companies competing for your bus… Read full post »

JULY 18, 2011 8:17AM

Stuff Survives Death

 I'm still in the process of separating my stuff from my deceased boyfriend's stuff.  Take the coffee table....please.  It reminds me of when he fell into it and the glass shattered and he skidded across the floor in a thundering crash.  The neighbor came knocking at the door and… Read full post »

Shut up!  I can hear every word you are saying on your porch as you talk on your cel phone.  I can hear what you are talking about thru the back window that hasn't been open all winter but now summer changes everything.  Someone walking by my house could hear… Read full post »

JULY 16, 2011 8:41AM

Some Comedians are Tooo Dirty

  I just watched Lewis Black on TV and loved him.  Smart, crazy and irreverant.  Then some other comedian came on and he was so raunchy it just put me off.   I went to a comedy club with some friends and the embarassment was just terrible.  I am not easily offended… Read full post »

      Making memories when you are young and brave seems to be what holds you together when your energy is gone and you have been depleted.  The time crawls sometimes when you get older and you only have the energy to think.  And that is when the memories come back.… Read full post »

JULY 14, 2011 7:47AM

Crazy Does It Good!


   Have you noticed that there is a certain abandon to someone who lives outside the box?  I have always enjoyed the characters of this world and the relationships I have had with the crazy ones involve mind blowing sex.  There is something about someone who can let loose… Read full post »

JULY 13, 2011 9:42AM

The Poor Old Dining Room Chair

"Oh no, she is visiting again.  Don't pick me.  Don't pick me. Drats she is sitting on me." 

"Why me?  Why is it me she chooses every time she comes over?  Maybe it is because I'm the furthest chair from the kitchen where her soon to be mother in law… Read full post »

JULY 12, 2011 9:51AM

Eating a Mango.



mango two

  mango three

  Mango four

  mango pit


                                     &n… Read full post »

JULY 11, 2011 10:07AM

I'm a Blogger, not a Writer.

   What I do here at Open Salon cannot really be called developing the fine art of writing.  I love the printed word, like to read and edit but what I do here is not anything close to what it means to be a writer.

    I see blogging as… Read full post »

JULY 9, 2011 10:32PM

Southern California Bungalows


    Hillcrest is an eclectic neighborhood friendly to gays and surrounded by hospitals.  Close to downtown and next to the wonderful Balboa Park.  There are amazing little hideaways like these all over San Diego but these are a few I just love in the neighborhood where I… Read full post »


             When we moved into this place the backyard seemed the perfect place to do art and I jumped int… Read full post »

   After my 25 year marriage I was lonely and horny.  I hooked up with an old family friend but he was crazy.  I kept thinking I could find love online.  I found lots of like and some almost love and amazing sex.  I fulfilled many fantasies and I formed some… Read full post »

JULY 8, 2011 8:10AM

"The Big Banks are Closing"?

  My mom thought she really had some news this morning.  "The Bank of America and Chase Bank are in danger of closing. I think we have to get our money out of there."

   "Woo, Mom, I haven't heard anything about that."  I had heard this kind of fear in… Read full post »

  I miss my friend.  I don't miss the trouble and the caregiving but I miss his company.  I miss his feet on the footstool with mine as we sat in the backyard reading our books together.   I miss sending him emails and sharing photos with him.  He was always interested… Read full post »

JULY 6, 2011 8:11PM

Weed Wacker Revenge Fantasy

   I can see his grey truck pull up again this week and I know the horror he will unleash on the neighborhood.  His long machines start up immediately with a roar that penetrates my very soul.  He is a nice enough fellow with his little hat and shorts but he… Read full post »

JULY 6, 2011 7:22AM

Ship Romance

   "Come on up to the top deck with me."  He was so persuasive that I couldn't say no.  He held my hand as we climbed the steep, narrow stairs all the way up to the top deck of the big Navy Ship.  Mom and I had taken this trip many… Read full post »

JULY 5, 2011 10:39PM

Apocalyptic Storm

Dark clouds boiled in the distance and lightning struck all around the swimming pool.  People cleared out and watched a double rainbow emerge from the darkness.  It lasted almost a half hour and the pot of gold looked like it was right over by the Indian Reservation and Casino.  It was… Read full post »

JULY 5, 2011 7:15AM

The Red, White and Blue

    In a sea of white Q tip heads I ate my hamburger and potato salad and listened to the patriotic music.   Our red, white and blue table complimented the red, white and blue clothing everyone in this 55 and up Mobile Home Park was wearing.  The old ladies compared ages… Read full post »

JULY 4, 2011 2:35PM

Small Town Parade Gives Me Hope


                     Small Town Parades

                     Hope for the future.

                     Candy thrown at the kids… Read full post »

JULY 4, 2011 9:07AM

The Baby Boomers are a Mess

   Here we come.  The Baby Boom Generation is retiring.  We are exhausted and broke.  Our health is precarious and we have few solid relationships to sustain us.  Our mental health is teetering on the edge of sanity and we have alienated many of the very people and resou… Read full post »

JULY 3, 2011 9:59AM

My Friend "The Fan"

     I am having quite an intimate affair with my fans.   I think I can keep them all happy and they certainly are satisfying my needs.   

     Near my computer is a lovely stand up fan.  He is slightly worn and yet has a nice steady "… Read full post »