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...I can't complain, but sometimes I still do... --Joe Walsh


Northern Virginia, USA
August 21
Market Research Interviewer. Still serving as (volunteer) President of local HOA because nobody else wants the job.
I work from home, so only the company of my household. I am a former U.S. Gov't worker, who held a Top Secret clearance.
A 40-something Leo/Scorpio woman-- always opinionated/and yes, I really mean it. Cherished daughter, respected sister, tolerated mother and rooster-pecked wife. Dedicated book reader from childhood. Former online game player (until the demise of City of Heroes in Nov 2012), amateur gardener and occasional astrologer. I am being treated for both hypothyroidism and ADD, which explains why sometimes I'm too tired of everything or why I'm too distracted to give a damn. Usually intelligent, sometimes ferocious, frequently under-appreciated and (thankfully) presently employed. ---------------------------------------------------- "We do not see things as THEY are, we see them as WE are." -- Anais Nin

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