MAY 1, 2009 4:26PM

Three Good Things: Open Call

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It's time for the Three Good Things pieces!  A month ago, I suggested that we keep a journal where, every day, we would write down three good things that happened that day.  Then, after thirty days, we'd write about it. 

Here's the original Open Call:

If you did it, now's the time to write about it.  

I don't have a whole polished post put together about my own experience, but I can tell you a few things I noticed: 

1.  You wouldn't think it'd be difficult, but there were a lot of days that I didn't get around to writing down three good things. Eh, que sera.  

2.  The journal still helped, though, because I found myself paying a lot more attention to the things that went well in my life, thinking, "I need to remember that for the three things thing!"

3.  The three things thing is great just as a writing exercise.  Makes you think about stuff and learn things about yourself, and it provides fodder for future writing.

4.  Apparently, I *really* like flowers.  This is probably influenced by the time of year that I chose to do this (Good choice!  Springtime!), but every single entry mentions flowers.  Every one.

5.  Also food.  I had no idea how much real estate in my brain was taken up by food and food-related issues.  But not in an unhealthy way; many of my "good things" were comments like "I ate an entire bowl of vegetables for lunch!  Healthy!"  

6.   Autonomy is huge.  Couple of reasons this one jumped out at me:  First, almost everything that went well was the result of my having done something to make it more likely that things would go well.  I'm way more in control of whether I have a good day or not than I realized.   Second, I really value being in charge of my own life.  Lots of my "good things" were examples of me reveling in the freedom of my life.  Remember that song by the Soupdragons?  "Because I'm FREE to do what I WANT any ol' TIIIIIIME!"  Yeah, that's me.  

7.  I like cats.  

So there's mine (so far) show me yours! 



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