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July 07
The paramedic and writing team of James and Lois Cowan lives and works on a tramp steamer in Key West and in the summer off the coast of Maine. Advice columnists and authors of some dozen titles, they're at work on "Naked Love" and "The Fiend in the Cellar"—a nonfiction mystery that unfolded in Boston in 1849. They are the ghosts for Touchstone Press's book by Levi Johnston: "Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs."


OCTOBER 7, 2011 5:36PM

Poseurs: Levi Johnston and Scott Brown

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It's curious that Levi Johnston was damned for posing for Playgirl as he used his proceeds to mainly cut $1600/month child support checks payable to Bristol Palin for the care of their son Tripp. 


Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is touting his Cosmo shoot as a student’s attempt to raise funds for college. 


Levi? A porn bum. Scott? A  hardworking kid just trying to make ends meet. 


Guess which one included frontal nudity and who refused. It was the Son of the North Star, the Alaskan, who showed decorum. I promised, he explained, my mom.




Transparency tag: The bloggers  ghosted Levi Johnston's DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS.


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And um Palin is working to help make ends meet I'm sure, right? Gosh, the crazy Palin world.
Bristol's earnings are significant; teen baby daddies like Levi still have a legal obligation to pay child support. The issue here, it seems to us, is the amount. It's out of line; how can this unschooled boy—who became a man on his birthday last May—earn enough to be able to shell out $20,000/year?

At the same time, his access to his son is almost nonexistent.

It doesn't appear that his legal representative, criminal law attorney Rex Butler, has chosen to pursue these issues. At the same time, Levi's inexperienced manager with only one client has made statements purported to speak for Levi who has no clue what is being put in his mouth. Tank Jones makes questionable decisions regarding a media-driven career for Levi. Can you imagine his claiming that Levi insisted he be on Oprah because Sarah was and that only fair? Levi is no dunce, we, his ghosts, can assure you. He's young and doesn't know when and how to move on from the men who are pretentious to the point to call themselves Team Levi.

Levi and other teen baby daddies are marginalized because they themselves still are kids and have no life-experience to guide them. In Levi's case, the Palin legal machine has cleaned his clock in terms of cash and contact with the little boy he loves with all his heart. He included in his book a shameful legal document filed by the Palin team that shamelessly renames this toddler Tripp Palin with no legal authority to do so.

Sarah Palin is not running. Things Palinesque have cooled off. We now can look at this public family saga with a clear eye. Parents of teens and teens themselves can learn from the experiences of not just Bristol but Levi—a teen dad whose frustrations speak for all young fathers whose love for their offspring is discounted by society.
Read the book - Very good insight into teen parenthood. Would be a way to open a dialog with teens. The look at the Palin household was background noise; the real story is about the two teens. Nice to read a take on it from a young father's pov. Well done.