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Zoe FitzGerald Carter
March 27
I'm a journalist whose first book, Imperfect Endings (Simon & Schuster) was published last year. It's about my mother's decision to end her life after living with Parkinson's for many years and the struggle my two older sisters and I had coming to terms with that choice. The book was excerpted in O magazine and was chosen as a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers pick. Paula Span in the The New York Times, said "I could quote from this book all day." People magazine said, "Carter coaxes beauty from the bleak." And The Boston Globe called it "an engaging and insightful tale of familial love, understanding, and forgiveness, shot through with a surprising amount of wit." I currently live in Northern Cal with my husband and two daughters. I am available to talk to bookgroups by phone or Skype or -- if they are in the Greater Bay Area -- by person. You can read more about my book or contact me through my website: imperfectendings.com


DECEMBER 5, 2010 5:26PM

Overspending: A Tale of Christmas Past

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It may be hard to find the silver lining in the current economic downturn, but the recession has given me at least one important gift: It has cured me of my shameful habit of overspending at Christmas.

Read my piece on AOL's DailyFinance:


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Such a great post. I nodded my head the whole time I was reading. There were years I overspent to compensate for losses I felt I had to make up to my child. If she didn't have grandparents to give presents, I felt I had to make up for that. Live and learn. An extra present or 10 was not the answer. In fact, it was never about the presents... Have a very happy holiday, Zoe.~r
Thanks, Joan! Nice to know you related. All that out of control consumption is pretty embarrassing to admit to. And of course, I like to believe I would have figured it out without financial fear breathing down my neck but... well, live and learn is right. Very best to you too!