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MARCH 10, 2012 4:23PM

In some ways food is magical

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I am proud of some aspects of my relationship with food. I know that food does not equal love. I know I don't need to identify myself  so much with these things, but I wouldn't want to lose them all.

I introduced my daughter to many wonderful exotic quisines. She has no fear of trying anything new

I handed down to my daughter food and recipes that have been in my family for centuries . I'm not sure she knows how to make them herself yet; At this point I think she believes that I will always be around to make them for her. I entered carefully them into my database of recipes for her. I feel good about being the keeper of the flame with these. I got them from my grandparents and now I am a grandparent.
I have one huge bookshelf of carefully culled cook books and another of food writing like mfk fisher
I have worked at my cooking, baking, candy making and preserving skills and people love the result
I love having many different homemade liqueurs going
I love having great tools that I appreciate on a regular basis: my kitchenaide stand mixer and blender are my current favorites.
I love my le crueset pots hanging from the pot rack in the corner of my kitchen. 
I love love love my solution for my most used spices. 36 beautiful porcelain drawers each with a different herb or spice in alphabetical order.

I love being able to wow people with a basket of tasty unusual cookies or candies.

I love the spontaneous hug  from my granddaughter after I gave her one of my home made cookies. The first one ever.

I love the standing ovation I got when I served a chocolate marquise with orange creme anglaise at at friend's event.

I loved it when I served a Portuguese  filet mignon cooked in butter, bayleaf, garlic and red wine vinegar with crispy shards of prosciutto . My guest said that when he died he wanted to be smothered in that sauce. A silly sentiment that still makes me smile.

I love that I can make a beautiful crusty chewy loaf of French bread from a bit of flour water and salt. 

I love harvesting my own vegetables, herbs and fruits and cooking them up into something wonderful like tomato confit with bacon.

I love it when people tell me that they just hate something and then when they see my version just have to take a taste and find out that they really love it.
Sorry about the formatting . From my iPhone while sitting under a a huge redwood in the sierras. 

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You take the words out of my mouth. I, too feel this relationship with food and how much happiness my cooking brings to those around me. I love your post. r
Of course food equals love! You just have to qualify it. :o)
I think we would get along beautifully and the granddaughter hug so very priceless...
I love the way you told us of your love of food and cooking.
I share it but my menu's are more limited.
rated with love
I'm jealous! My android won't let me write a blog on it, I can only comment. And that you're sitting under a redwood tree in the sierras. I hope the view is fantastic.

Your food sounds great. I'm more of a functional cook.
this food sounds magical......and so do redwoods in the sierras....