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MARCH 28, 2012 4:16PM

Things In My Smartphone Camera: Trudge's Open Call

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I woke up this morning and saw THIS going on next to my sacred altar of the laptop!


What filthy creatures they are, having orgies in the dark and reproducing like rabbits!


Look at the dazed and guilty expression of the face of the topmost one. That puppy dog look and ingratiating smile will not get any mercy from me! 


Now I know why there are more and more of them every day!



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Very funny. They do breed like rabbits. And bring all those instruction booklets with them....
Ha! Good one. ~r
Eeewwwww! Get out the Raid!!
jlsathre: Oh the instruction books! They are like fleas! While I have a horrible infestation I can't even find my vcr remote!

jmac: They use Raid for lubricant!

catholic girl: OS acting up? I'm keeping all three, you know. ha ha!
Ha! And then you get the universal remote that isn't!
All I wanted to do was create a sweet innocent OC where decent OS bloggers can post nice camera phone images; but you give us RCA remotes on top of one another! I'm shocked! Has OS become a site for hard-core Russian porn?
Btw, will there be more? ;) R
Trudge: Ohhhh yeah. OS is for techno porn. I haven't even started with the chargers and adapters!

Phyllis: glad you're back. I thought we had lost you!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have just got to come up with condoms for remotes. They are getting out of hand! I tried to suggest that they should be allowed to have abortions but I got jumped on and threatened with death by the anti-choice people. I figure that those anti-choicers should be required to adopt forty or fifty of those doggone remotes.

And you're right, that top one is clearly trying to win your sympathy with its cute wee look. Don't weaken! Be firm! Sweep them all into your empty sock drawer (or is that into your drawers, with socks on?).

Tee hee!

It's the "mute button" that reconciles these critters....
They are still there! I am afraid to touch them.
Hey! You're featured in my cell phone photos directory!
Hahahahaha! I have the same problem over here. We need birth control for remotes!

There are so many!!!Thanks for sharing.Best regards
I like OS because people are smart and "get it"! But Trudge is right. I apologize if anyone is offended by such a graphic image. But this scourge must be known before proliferation gets even more out of control.

Spay or neuter your remotes, I say!