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MARCH 30, 2012 11:29PM

Just This III

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I decided to do some more snaps of the Azaelia now that it has more full blooms. It is like a sculpture now. I used my HTC Thunderbolt 8 mp camera, which is a joy to use.
I brought the plant inside and lit it with the houselamp again, trying to capture this cluster of three blooms.
The depth of field feature was used and centered on the middle of the cluster. I found out that it can be resized, but it is crazy, trying to hold the phone, center everything, and work with the feature. 
I left the greenish cast to the white wall in the background. In portrait painting, a complimentary color in the background makes the subject pop out. So I didn't correct the white balance. (I have never corrected a white balance, anyway.) 
A little cropping and this is the result!



This picture was done with a couple of yards of black fabric for the background. I got this idea from a Google + photography person. The black really makes for a dramatic effect, especially with the house lamp for a light, but moved much farther away.

It made a totally different effect with the diffused light and the contrast with the black background. 




Again, a little cropping and the plant can and other unnecessary items are gone from the composition.


It was important to balance the topmost  flower with the last little green leaf at the bottom to serve as an anchor.

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These are sooo lovely. I keep seeing these around and they are beautiful. You are quite talented at this photog business. I am impressed. :)
oh pretty pretty Zuma.
Thanks, cindy and rita. The smartphone camera makes it so easy to take the pictures then upload them. Getting it all done used to be the big roadblock. Now I plan to get a couple of large prints but have to figure out how to suck the pictures out of the phone.
Oh wow Zuma! As a full-fledged flower fanatic, I gotta say; these shots are absolutely spectacular!
How creative! I love the black and the light. oooo
Wonderful pics, still waiting for the dogwoods to blossom up here on the mountain.
Very nice. Ty 4 the tips. R
Very nice. Ty 4 the tips. R
Maybe we can have an open call over the next few weeks. I am sure that everyone has some fabulous blooms on the way.
Your azalea is beautiful. I tried growing one, once, to dismal results. Your phone camera resizes? I need to look at my owners manual.
The depth of field feature is a circle that resizes to focus on a small or large area. It really makes some things pop out and others recede..

I can crop in the camera, but for resizing, I have to edit in Photobucket.
I think I know what you mean by the depth of field. I accidentally found that the focus changes if I touch different spots on the screen. It's fun to play with. Now if it just zoomed...
Lovely, Z!

I wish I was at least a half-decent photographer!

Every now and then I manage to capture an okay picture but it's definitely just luck with me!
the first one reminds me of those pictures of old time movie stars for some reason
This is a ρrofessional work..I am from now in love with azaelia..Never had met them before.Thank you for such beauty.Best regards,Zumalicious.
Ooooo very pretty!!!!!
These are so beautiful. ~r
Wowzer dear...spectacular....

I am going to do a post one of these days about how the ubiquity of cameras (and no film!) these days has made me look at things differently. Not yet to the point of conscious composition, however, either in the taking or the fiddling afterwards.

Both pictures are great, but I really like the black background and the green leaves.
Time to start a flower garden! Great inspiration.
Just so glorious for this rain soaked gloomy morning.
These are just beautiful..my favorite is the first one.
Beautiful! I'm just learning about all this stuff with my new Canon T3i, which I'd been afraid to touch for a couple of months. Finally took a class. I even know what white balance means now! :) The top one blows me away...glad you left the background as is. Love it! R
wow. i need to get a camera. and then learn how to use it.
Oh my! Thanks for stopping by, all! My next project will be how to get watermarks on these and I recommend you all do the same! They will show up on cheap Chinese calendars!