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June 15
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JUNE 8, 2012 6:05PM

Open Saloon, You Run Like A Broke D*ck Dog!

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Aw come on!
I say it's time to rediscover the true meaning of the internet. Here is a classic from way back.

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That is too silly!
C'mon by for my version of anti-spam sport today!
OMG glad you shared this....
I clicked the link and couldn't look away!! Smiling for the first time today,
heehee -- thanks for the laugh, zuma : ) It's just too depressing around here, haven't been able to get on OS most of today....
Hell I'm already stoned and happy but this was hilarious and it was fitting to start the weekend. All the varmints are coming out of the woodwork tonight, glad you could join us OH GREAT FEARLESS LEADER OF ALL PIRATE WIMMIN' and most men folk who dare to say......... let revolt begin. Want a hit of this bling? toodles your lifelong pal, wait for it..............................................................older/man do I have it great or what?
I think we can use all the silliness we can get. Hope it wasn't like this all week !

That was hilarious! My videos aren't that caliber but I did find SPAM Police.
I'll check out the video after I watch some porn.
Very weird, but fun.
rated with love
I just got on here.. was too busy watching porn hahaha
Funsa your safe, they don't have the same weekend drinking water in Canada during the week like they do in the lower US. Liked your last post, wait this is Zuma's post..... larry spambot
Can't play it but I can see all the grins in the comment thread.
Oh Chicken!
That is too bad! You will love it once you CAN play it.
The last time I ran across this, I was surfing for porn; how did YOU find it?!!

As OS proves, the internet is also for spam.
You mean you can get porn on the Internet? I thought it was for Open Salon. R
Who needs open salon? Let's just all start writing Porn!
Bwahahahah to alla yous!

Just go to YouTube and search "the internet is for porn". You will find everything from muppets to the original World of Warcraft one without the lyrics in the way. The art on that one is gorgeous.