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OCTOBER 21, 2012 1:25PM

The WackyRomneys: My pitch to Cable Television

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If  Hollywood had a speed Producer, there would be a hit comedy series on premium cable right now. Twitter would be aflutter with thousands of identical tweets that say,

“I’m Watching the WackyRomneys! That show is cray cray!”

It is time to explore a family so obnoxious that they have become the political equivalent of “pants on the ground!”

Let me pitch this and make it easy for The Learning Channel:

The setting is a mansion in Utah. The mansion is home to a family of politicians known as “Those WackyRomneys”. The mansion is the narrator and Samuel L. Jackson or Ted Nugent would be perfect for the voiceovers.

The mansion injects hilarious insults like:

 “Daddy has Romnesia.” And,

“Whoa! Mommy just punched a hole in my sheetrock! She puts the ‘yotch’ in ‘Beyotch!’"

The show’s comedic treatment of serious political issues is as funny as a heart attack and as deadly as a silent fart. The audience will be rolling in their floors shortly before they die from ingesting unregulated snack foods.

Dad WackyRomney never seems to get it right as he leaps from frying pans into fires on a daily basis. He brings up memories of the characters portrayed by Dick Van Dyke and Chevy Chase, but he causes shrill and uncomfortable laughter in the same way that Ted Bundy and Charles Manson made us laugh so hard.

(What what? Oh! My bad. That was Al Bundy and "Charles in Charge"!  It's the Romnesia, ha ha!)

Mom WackyRomney flips birds at the President of the United states and barks at her followers to “Stop it!” But when she goes on women’s talk shows, her medications turn America's barmy sweetheart into something as sweet as shoofly pie! That quirky gal does not show up in mirrors and she never has enough sunblock. She wants to be a vampire when she sobers grows up.

Son Taggy is a feisty little fellow. He writes checks with his mouth that he cannot cash with his fists.

 In the opening episode, titled “50 Shades of Ofay”,  Taggy  wants to take a swing at the President, but is treated to an anti bullying message from guest star Lawrence O’Donnell. In his Emmy award wining cameo, O’Donnell offers to slap the boy down like a bowl full of bread dough.

The second episode begins at the thirty foot long WackyRomney breakfast table. All of the servants are lined up against the wall. They came from Dad’s Binder Full of Women and they all wear ankle bracelets. One servant looks out the window and screams when she sees concertina wire, vicious attack dogs, a moat and secret service agents.

Mom WackyRomney yells, “Stop it, sweetie! That’s for your protection! We don’t want those unemployed people to break in and try to work here, now do we? We got the idea from the slave camp... uhm... that... Sensata factory Daddy visited in China!”


Taggy brings up his latest idea. He plans to buy shares in an electronic voting equipment firm so he can doctor the Ohio voting results. He yells, “I’m going to help Daddy get a job! It’s all top secret right now, but I guarantee that Dad will be a shoo-in for that White House job!”  


All the other WackyRomney sons yell, “Let’s go to war! Give us more wars!” The youngest son yells, “I’m a Mormon missionary veteran! I’m one of the 47 percent, ha ha!”


This blockbuster comedy is guaranteed to become a White comedy classic on the lines of “Hogan’s Heroes” or “M.A.S.H”! Hey! Hollywood made concentration camps and Army meatball field surgery funny. Today's audience is bound to go all bath salts crazy for "The WackyRomneys"!


"The Wacky Romneys" will drive Cable viewers so wild that they leave their homes, run into the streets and start eating faces! I guarantee that America will pee its flag draped pants when it watches the WackyRomneys!


Did I mention that the audience would go wild... oh I did? Well that’s just the Romnesia working! Ha ha!


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I can see it! This would rival all the Real Housewives for guilty pleasures. Mittens Knows Best.

Ann can write a bestselling cookbook: "Baking with Soylent Green!"
Oh, I'd watch this show! As long as they promise to film it in Utah, not D.C.
Oh they have to do it somewhere in the desert for the Mexican polygamy flashback scenes! It's gotta have that special musty, funny underwear vibe.
This is brilliant!! You are hired!
Well, why not? The Palins led the way...
Remember the foam bricks we used to throw at TV screens whenever Tricky Dick was on? Your show could offer viewers chances to aim for relevant targets, earning points, to cheers from friends and family. This could spawn a whole new sport with an online club at fb called the "Romnesiacs." Participants could post their latest match points in tourneys across the country. Fun!
Ha ha! Interactive train wreck TV! I love it!
could be, Zum, looking at the polling data , we gonna be in for it.
cept itll be played out on cnn and msnbc & fox.
" momma WackyRomney flips birds at the President of the United states
andmommma barks at her followers to
“Stop it!”

But when she goes on women’s talk shows,
her medications
turn America's barmy sweetheart
into something as sweet as shoofly pie!

That quirky gal does not show up in mirrors

and she never has enough sunblock. "

aha i get yer suggestion, but as a gentlemen i shall not say
she be a bloodsucking uncanny vampire blonde bitch
from the netherland of the hell
that a psychotic
joe smith
set up.

ah i would never say that, until


this winter when the romneys are takin over from the obamas.

Yikes! James, let us trust the American people can show sounder judgment that that for abetter outcome......oh....wait...I was awake....

Know what I really, really like, Most High Admiral?

First, the Salt Lake Tribune's editorial board has jumped ship and is supporting Obama, proving that there is indeed karma -- or at least rightness -- in the universe.

Second, the family has, through Bain Capital investment, purchased voting machines for Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Washington, which proves you can buy anything. Maybe even an election.

Third, the GOP STILL hasn't got the message that there are other sovereign nations in North America, since I heard Mitt's comical sidekick -- and you should include him as a cameo character in the series -- declaring that they would (unilaterally, presumably) set a continental energy policy to reduce reliance on "foreign" sources.

Now. How do you get wackier than that?
@Boanerges1: Sounding more and more like the Bushies all over again. Gad!
Chevy Chase / Ryan for President 2012.
I like the closing credits rolling, while Mr. and Mrs. Mitt -- from their separate twin beds -- say their good nights. Mitt predictably is saying diametrically opposite things, mumbling toward sleep. Ann is laying there, arms crossed over her heart, eyes wide open, glinting in the moonlight.
You'd need a huge sign right at the top of the screen -


All the advertisers would love this.. just like the Bush parody they had on Comedy Central one time.
Well done.
Welcome back to Open Saloon, Zuma. We missed you.
Btw, sign me up for 30 spots on that Romney show. I get first renewal rights. Oh wait! This is satire must be that Romensia. R
Damned near swallowed my tongue trying to keep from laffing (I'm reading this in the library). My favorite line among many contenders: He writes checks with his mouth that he cannot cash with his fists.
I'm putting this on Facebook.
sound judgment from the General Will?
sometimes it actually happens.
other times
it takes
a walk on the wild side, i dunno why.

the wild side brings the blood of dear boys meant for more
than desert death.

IT brings, i hate to say, momentary testosetronal surge.

then a blitz of warmongering reasons.

yeah you pranksters. hit ohio, florida and for gods sake
michigan i guess?! arg.
They did That's My Bush with much scantier material. Can't say i'm really looking forward to it though.
Thanks all for reading! Thanks, Matt for sharing with our friends at FB. Thanks for the welcome back! I see the site is as shitty as ever, but that the peeps and homies and pirates are as wonderful as ever too!

Now let us bow our heads and pray for four more years!
After O's Win - I'd like to see ALL the Pundits on Fox News @ Home Eating Crow! R
all ready sick of them...r
Ooh... I will celebrate with a mock crow pot pie! It will have fried chicken instead of crow, of course.
I saw a worker from the stateside Sensata factory on Up With Chris Hayes this weekend. His job is going away November 5 and the factory is shutting its doors December 22. His replacement in China is going to be paid $0.99 per hour, and didn't pay any attention when he came here to get trained in his job. Too busy enjoying the freedom of being in the USA.
and just think of the supporting cast? spinoff ... i sense spinoff.
I'm still in shock after seeing her flip the president the bird.

they're all so hungry for this win, aren't they? it's the one thing their money can't quite buy.