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June 15
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JANUARY 15, 2013 6:01PM

On liberalism, guns and government programs for Black people

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Yes, we Black people are so shiftless and lazy that we cannot survive without  liberalism, guns and government programs. We are those entitlement people who wander the streets with a glass of liquor in one hand and a plate of fatty, high calorie food in the other. 

We are that giant, dark skinned drain on American society. We are the nation's burden.

We hang out at pool halls and sit on  park benches with nothing better to do. We only need to hug a liberal, keep a gun tucked in our pants and allow our lives to be carefully coddled by big government programs. 

Food stamps, Section 8, legal aid, public transit and medicaid is all we need to keep going with our unproductive lives and minimalist dreams.

The darker we are, the more disturbing we are.  No one wants to come near us because of our black skin, thick lips and negroid noses.  Our hair is repulsive no matter how much time and money we put into grooming it.  Our clothes are a joke because other races cannot wrap their brains around our black bodies in brightly colored clothes. 

Our culture is a joke.  Ebonics is no worse than Tagalog, pidgin English, creole or Barrio Spanish, but is universally reviled.  Our music is too loud. We are loud in the theaters because we like to comment and laugh out loud.

We were the original cast of "Mystery Science Theater 3000", but who made the money?

Racists do not even know us. They refuse to have one of us in their home. They cannot even look us in the eye, yet they claim to know everything about us. Those psychotic liars insist that we should work for their enrichment and selfish needs. Yes, that is the best thing for us because nothing else justifies our place on this planet.

Liberalism and guns take care of that.  Racists just shoot us because they don't want us to live.  Killing a negro is not,  never has been and will never  be  illegal in America.  Being dark and black has been, is and always be  illegal. Try being outside your home with that condition.

We are like Chris Rock, grinning and ducking and then ranting as soon as a racist back is turned,

"I hate that cracker assed cracker!"

We go along to get along. Look at the light, medium to dark brown ones of us  who get on the talking news shows. We know how to talk and talk without saying anything jarring or controversial.

We invent new fields of work but we cannot keep the jobs. We were the original "smoke jumpers" and a black man will never get one of those jobs today.

We were the first cowboys but you don't get our real stories in the movies.  There was more Django Unchained going on than people will admit. 

We invent new art forms from scratch. Jazz. Doo Wop. Rhythm and Blues. Country Music. Fiddle music.  Rock 'n Roll. Hip Hop. Funk. Rap. Europeans took jazz and made a mechanical thing out of it. That stuff sounds good on the surface, but leaves an aural aftertaste like an artificial sweetener.

Black people built those art forms, not liberalism, government programs or access to guns.  We are so brilliant that we can sit on our porches and think that stuff up after working a 12 day.

Who makes the most money in rap? A Korean sold the most rap records in history for a lousy beat and a Jerry Lewis dance. He hates the hell out of America and its cracker assed crackers, too.  He could shoot a Black man and never spend a day in jail.

Liberalism, government programs and guns did not invent Jazz, Rap, Hip Hop and blues.  Those things pioneered nothing in medicine, engineering, the sciences and the arts. Dark skinned, blue-black people did those thing, but get lectured about them as if they know nothing.

And don't lecture us about Gumbo, either, damnit. Liberalism, guns and big government do not get the credit for Gumbo. 

Today, liberalism, guns and government programs work for real dark black people who must do the Django dance every day.  Liberal gun laws and big government works for people who do not stand a chance of getting the same jobs that their grandparents invented and refined.

Remember that the next time some opinionated bastard disparages our music, our language, our looks, our music, our basketball heroes,  our religion or our ability to survive.  Remind that jerk that we are still here.

I'm Black and I'm proud. I don't hate racist cracker assed crackers, either.  I just do not believe them, do business with them, pay them my money, smile at them or allow them anywhere near me. 

Liberalism, guns and big government did not develop my attitude toward racists.  Racist, unethical, immoral and substandard people did that.



 Gumbo by Xenonlit

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Hitler and the Nazis had the same complaints about the Jews. It would be funny if it weren't so scarey. Especially with the mass incarceration that is destroying black families and communities. It doesn't look as bad as lynching but has virtually the same effect.

Gumbo was invented by the Sicilians.
Bullshit. It's an African stew.
You'd be welcome in our home.

We live in an area that was the terminus of the Underground Railway, and descendants of many of the original families still live in the region, such as those of Josiah Henson, the real-life "Uncle Tom". I've spent some time researching that history. I'm in awe of the courage and resourcefulness of those amazing people, while simultaneously being appalled at what had been done to them. In fact, I wrote about on here a while back.

Meanwhile, I admit don't get jazz -- in whatever form -- but I spent a lot of nights as a kid listening to the music that floated up on the airwaves from stations like WWVA, and, as far as I'm concerned, The Beatles owe a huge apology to the Isley Brothers.
Man you need to come to my neighhourhood and read this.. well done.
Replace the words "black" and "Negro" in this article with the word 'poor' regardless of color and you got a deal. Excellent piece. R
For all of those reasons, that is why I am a traitor to my race.
As Thoth points out, "hillbilly/redneck/trailer trash" also works- but why the problem with "guns?" - the whole 14th amendment stems from stopping the KKK from disarming Blacks in the South. "guns" are only "bad" if bad men have them.
The funny thing about the controvesy of whether Gumbo was created by Sicilians or Africans is that Sicilians were created by Africans. So, either way...
Speaking of gumbo, there is a wonderful documentary on soul food running on the PBS Independent Lens. It gets into the politics of soul food, while also managing to stimulate drool in nearly every moment.

So yeah. Go ahead and yell at us and be extraordinarily pissed off. How could you not be? Make us uncomfortable. Make us listen. What white people did/do to black people feels like our original sin. Not the Catholic concept, but something real, and more horrible, that we are born with and must carry. It is humiliating embarrassing shameful and I must feel some responsibility for that legacy, and owe it to you to listen, without rationalization or denial.

BTW, the soul food documentary covers new approaches to cooking healthier soul food, and vegetarian versions, so I can have yams and grits without the dead turkey neck. Thank you.
Great rant, sermon, whatever. I got nothing to say except wave my little flag and claim Canadianness (and go back to paying attention to the Native uprising going on here...)
Gumbo might be an African stew, but it was invented by a Sicilian...

As for BB's bizarre statement that African's created Sicilians I would point to the in depth research that clearly shows that the uninhabited continent south of present day Europe was discovered and settled by by Sicilians in search of a lost goat. They named this continent Africa after one of their favorite Toto songs. Tis true... look it up!
Even if that were true regarding Sicilians settling Africa, even if, it would still make my point that you're drawing a distinction without a difference. So yes, the continent was uninhabited, inspite of all of the skeletal remains from Olduvai gorge and Lake Turkana, which sets the origin of modern humans in East Africa. But, Sicilians settled it. Sho', you right.
Those are Sicilian skeletal remains.
So...Sicily is the seat of civilization now????? Right.

Zuma, you put your very soul into this post. It has left me breathless. "aural aftertaste"... brilliant.

Excellent post and all excellent points. I haven't seen Django Unchained, yet, but knowing Tarantinio, the N word is probably used in every other word. I have to wait for the DVD. I am glad I grew up an army brat and stayed on many army bases where everyone was the same, until people started killing the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King. It was then I learned of another world of racist bigots . It was then I moved to the south and saw real racism, unchained. It was then I joined the army to get away from these people. but found racism is everywhere, you only have to look under every rock to find it. Great Post Z. EP bound~
This is something else...good as gumbo.
This "great, free nation" of ours with "liberty and justice for all" is probably the most racist nation to ever exist on this planet, which makes the USA the most hypocritical nation to ever exist on this planet. And what few Americans understand is that capitalism generates poverty, unemployment, recessions, depressions, inflation, and deflation, not forgetting that the monopoly capitalism or corporate capitalism we have now only benefits a handful of white men. But then, the dumbing down of education that began under Reagan really worked (I'm a teacher), so most Americans know little about this nation and its evil policies (our military is the "muscle " for big banks and corporations and always has been....see autobiography of General Smedley Butler for his firsthand account of this).

Another unknown fact about the self-proclaimed "greatest nation on earth": the real reason for the Declaration of Independence was that the British crown was going to abolish slavery, which it did,
over 150 years before the USA did. If the crown abolished slavery, those noble Founding Fathers would lose their wealth. So, great heroes that they were, they declared independence and let the poor fight a revolution to preserve their wealth.

But Americans believe the bullshit, the propaganda they're fed every day, and in my opinion, are probably the most controlled population in history! As Goethe said, "No people is more enslaved than those who falsely believe they're free."

And finally, as I said to students over and over, no great nation is a racist nation, and no racist nation is a great nation. Period.

P.S. The fact that so many minorities and poor whites are incarcerated in this great nation, and also the likeliest reason an innocuous plant like marijuana with over 200 health applications is still illegal while pharmaceuticals kill hundreds of thousands annually, is that prisoners are used as really, really cheap labor. Most big banks and corporations use prison labor including IBM, 3M, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Motorola, on and on.Research the "prison-industrial complex" for more information. Prisons aren't called "PLANTATIONS" for nothing!!!
Boy is it good to be back here! Even the annoying Sicilian meth freak digression was entertaining! You are all so smart and wonderful.
" Europeans took jazz and made a mechanical thing out of it. "

Amen. This is great. The machine takes the soul out of everything and you're right:

"We are so brilliant that we can sit on our porches and think that stuff up after working a 12 day."

sucks to be them. good news is the BS cover is being blown on the "new", institutionalized KKK policies and other atrocities. The times are a'changing.

Great reading you.
Thanks, Delia! These thoughts build up and occasionally I have to vent them off.
Sicilian meth freak ??? REALLY?

You joining the likes of Beck with the specious insults now?

You gonna accuse me of being "Jimmy", Freebobafett and Placebostudman too?
No need to fight about it.
It is well known Art Cloakey created Gumbo for an commercial for Andersons's pea soup.
Oh, with your talkinabout Gmbo.
Never mind. . .
Safe_Bet's Amy, you are saying that someone else is insulting? Do you ever take measure of yourself? You call so many people misogynists that if the accusations were accurate, there would not be any women left. You helocopter in to say that someone is like Arthur Louis, (Who you dismissively call Artie), and you are being insulted? You who put President Obama's image on an Aunt Jamima box, and you are being insulted? I did nothing but say Sicilians and Africans are connected genetically, and you are insulted? You criticize Jodie Foster for not being "out" about her sexuality, while you claim that you are out a long time...in your anonymity. And you are insulted? Safe_Bet's Amy, you have a curious, ironic view of reality. In a word, it is inverted.
Bill: Safe Bet is a sockpuppet. That makes as much sense as search engine optimization, I know, but I spend a lot of time in content mill forums and there are multiple accounts going on here.

I do know that I am not about to mess with no Sicilians. They are the nexus of Africa and Europe and they just do not put up with much. I will give them Ciopinni but never Gumbo.