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JANUARY 31, 2013 2:37PM

Why am I writing about Ann Coulter and Marco Rubio?

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 Marco Rubio

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Op Ed: Ann Coulter snarls at Marco Rubio over his immigration plan while Marco Rubio struggles to exist as a politician


Oblivious to the fact that Marco Rubio is going nowhere unless he gets a grip on the Hispanic immigration and voting issue, Ann Coulter attacked his immigration plan with a disturbingly robotic  gripe: Immigration Amnesty is no good at all. No American should ever consider amnesty as an option.

So Ann Coulter has said. So it must be.

These days, I write off everything Ann Coulter has to say.  She is a ridiculous, hateful parrot who bleats out the policies of the extreme right.  She draws attention to herself by embellishing with a special brand of nastiness that brings her mental stability into question. 

This time, the issue is immigration and one pressing questions is whether Ann Coulter is even relevant any more. The other question is, can Marco Rubio ingratiate himself with Hispanics while catering to his increasingly unpopular conservative base?

Neither Coulter nor Rubio are providing the answers. They just bring up questions about why they are allowed to suck so much oxygen out of our atmosphere while contributing an overload of methane.

Here is a summary of Rubio's plan according to Huffington Post Politics

"If you have violated our immigration laws, you'll have two choices: Choice number one, under the current law, is return to your country of birth, wait 10 years and apply for a green card through the regular process. The second choice is if you want to stay here, you have to pass a background check, you'll have to pay taxes, you'll have to pay a significant fine, you'll get a work permit, and then at some point in the future -- when the enforcement mechanisms are in place and some time has elapsed -- you'll have the opportunity to apply for a green card through the regular process, just like anybody else would." 

That is one hard amnesty plan! According to Yahoo News, Coulter did not hesitate to push two talking points: not making more Democratic party voters and not offering amnesty in any form to illegal immigrants,

"Some Republicans seem determined to create more Democratic voters, too. That will be the primary result of Sen. Marco Rubio's amnesty plan,"

So what is it going to be? Is amnesty as bad as Coulter thinks it is, or is preventing an increase in Democratic voters her real agenda. Immigration plans with amnesty are to Republican extremists as garlic is to vampires.

Coulter can't even pass that section of the intelligence test because her brain switch is broken. It is frozen in the "No to everything I don't want people to do or think!" position.

She, he or it continues to behave as if Republican politicians are threats unless they do as she dictates. Her outlet, Fox News, is in decline. The Tea Party is a reviled mess. Voters sent a powerful message last November and plan to speak up during the midterm elections with historical turnouts. 

The Republican party is in big trouble and extreme propagandists like Coulter are losing their ability to control  politicians or  voters. Even "Mama Grizzly" is out the door at Fox News because America is beyond sick of her.

America is beyond sick of Coulter and this is why she, he or it must resort to increasingly shocking, inflammatory and hideous rhetoric in order to cling to her last shred of relevance. 

Republican politicians, on the other hand, learned the hard way that they cannot steal elections. They woke up from their Tea Party highs with a major hangover.  However, it does not matter if Republicans see the light. They have so violated the law, the constitution, all aspects of morality and the world's trust that they will never recover.

This is why Rubio's patently obvious Hispanic ingratiation tactic is so important today.

Rubio's self-healing tactic is based on greed for 11 million undocumented immigrants who would likely stay with a center-left party.  He only managed to get into power two years ago by ingratiating himself with a conservative base. Now he is swimming from sinking ship to sinking ship.

Conservative bases and undocumented immigrants don't mix. 

 Republicans face an uphill battle, no doubt. The GOP is irrevocably bonded and beholden to a repulsive, treasonous, evil minority of extremists and cannot get free of them.

Rubio may be a big Republican star, but his big mistake was aligning with a conservative base in the first place. Now he is branded an odd duck, is stuck with a limited constituency and has a reputation as bad as can be. He dove willingly into the Tea Party quagmire and his cheesy immigration plan will not save him.

I wish him no luck whatsoever in anything he endeavors. I wish Ann Coulter a retirement into media oblivion. That is the consequence for bad acts, bad mouthing and bad morals.

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Coulter is simply a classic profiteer; she is what the Tea Bagged Traitors accuse others of being, a bagger in name only. Fear mongering rhetoric equals book sales, her way to the millions of $ she's banked- sure beats the old fashioned lawyering she was up to before the light went on in her head.

Rubio, on the other hand, is simply a fake. A liar. A fraud. It is highly instructive the Bagger Party "leaders" think a Cuban is a guaranteed role model for our Latino cousins. About as true as how Liechtenstein has led the way for white folks everywhere. But little Marco is far worse than just a token, he is a certified Pinocchio who "made a mistake" on when his parents first realized Batista was herstory ... (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, yes, most Cuban immigrants who fled Castro and Che 'can't remember' when it happened!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha, they talk about it all the time and haven't stopped since La Revolucion began!)

He's a Cuban on the outside who seems to wish he was a rapper on the inside, putting up a false front to reporters then rhymin and flowin with his bromancers in the limo on the way home. A fake, a fraud, a certified liar.

What a duo!
You are so right about their fraud and fakery. But Coulter is getting old and she will start to believe her own lies. Then it is Ayn Rand time. I just watched the Helen Mirren film... how depressing!

The pro Bautista Cubans think we are stupid and don't know what corrupted elitist oppressors they were. One thing that needs to stop this week is the "wet foot/dry foot" exception for Cubans. I can't understand why they are allowed free entry.

Another thing, We have Mexicans and Guatemalans out West. They have distinct and proud heritages and don't like being lumped in with others. Actually, we are getting more immigrants from Asia now, so the right will have to start their racist diatribes against them.
Ann Coulter is a bad hangover from the bad old Newt Gingrich days. Like all hangovers, she will give us a headache for awhile and then she will go away. The golden boy of the Republican Party and future headache , is our own NJ governor, Chris Christie, who just vetoed a minimum wage increase here while still clinging to his tax breaks for the rich. He is being touted as the new face of the party, more moderate and so forth. I'm not buying it on his record so far.R
Gerald: Chris Christie was posing to exploit Hurricane Sandy. He knew he would lose by aligning with Republicans and put on a show. Now it's back to the usual politics. He has to lose that weight if he thinks he's going to be president. The man is pathologically obese and I don't want to hear about his right to be chubby. If the soldiers have to be within weight limits, then their commander-in-chief has to do the same.
Coulter is out and so is the GOP with their narrow mindness.
If they don't get with the program they will be out in 2016. Well done.. fear mongering is us should be their motto.
One thing they aren't talking about on Fox News is the demographic paranoia you read about on right wing blogs. They argue that Social Security and Medicare need to be dismantled because there's no way an under fifty demographic that is nearly 50% brown skinned is going to work their butts off to support arrogant white retirees who have shat (? is that the correct past tense) on them their whole lives.
So glad you didn't post a photo of Ann! One look or word from her lips is blood-boiling for me! R
If the GOP weren't oh so deserving of all the angst they are dealing with currently they'd be kind of pathetic. I agree that we non-conservatives are going to kick their butts majorly in 2014. It will take them far longer to recover from the lovely remarks from Akins and Romney and Sununu and Hubbard and others made during the 2012 campaign. Ann Coulter is an insufferable wench. Marco who?

Linda: You are so right. That bleached blond hair and giraffe neck is not covering up that she's an unattractive, aging hag. She is on the outs and we can smell the desperation coming off her.

Dr. S: That is one reason why both sides want to exploit Hispanic, Asian and other immigration. the other part is that they never want Black people to ever get out of poverty and into the mainstream.

Marilyn: I couldn't do it. Me eyes! Me eyes!

Lezlie: We are finished if we do not have record turnout in 2014. That's only a year away, but we have to think locally. We can't let any more states be overrun by republican governments.
Hillary for president in 2016 and 2020! Maybe the Republican's will burst through their bubble by then, and get sick of hearing/living the hatred..
Coulter is a sideshow. If it were some nerdy looking guy spouting her lines he'd just be that weird cousin Kevin that crops up at so many family gatherings.

Coming from a Republican, Rubio's plan is a small start. If that Huffpo precis is close to the mark, it's to onerous to do much good. But by at least endorsing the path-to-citizenship principle, he's stepped away from the reform=amnesty position. We'll see how it plays out; Rubio might very well scurry back before long. But it may be a crack in the facade.
Thanks for stopping by, folks! It's good to be back with good peoples.

Lea: Be ready for surprises in our 2016 primary. A whole lotta hungry politicians will fight for the right.

Abrawang: They are up against the wall and are losing the fight. We will see a lot of hopelessness and fake change from the Grieving Old Pasties.
Late to the party, and just here to say you KNOW why Cubans get special treatment...not just cuz they're refugees from bad ole communism, but because for the most part they're pink like Rubio, not brown like them Mexicans.
There we go! I couldn't believe that ugly woman on the Cuban Housewives show. She sat there and called Obama an animal, then she refused to toast a thanks to America for letting her in here. It needs to stop.