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June 15
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FEBRUARY 5, 2013 6:15PM

California must prevail against mad, crazy greed

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California must prevail against mad crazy greed, a president who will sell out on any principle and fracking that is out of control.

I just wrote an article about the Monterey shale field in California and I see the greed, corruption and insanity that is so out of control in my nation. I realized that California must take the last stand against fracking.

The Monterey shale field is so large that it is expected to create an American oil boom like no other. The problem is that deep hydraulic fracturing (fracking) technology will be used to get to that oil. This is a new twist.

Most of the fracking operations so far are shallow operations at 2,000 feet in depth.  We already know what devastation those operations have caused.

The Monterey shale drilling and fracking will go to  between 6,000 to 15,000 feet in depth. This will happen on federal lands that were recently leased to oil prospecting concerns.

California's land is a crazed maze of every kind of fault and fracture possible and we do not need to dig around at 15,000 foot depths.  We also do not need to send the money to Washington, Texas and the Arabs without making it hurt them bad. 

The Monterey shale beds constitute 1,750 square miles of Southern and Central California. This could make California the biggest oil producing state in the union, surpassing North Dakota and Texas combined.

With greed for an estimated 15.4 billion barrels at stake, we can see the magnitude, not of fossil fuel production, but of land destruction.

Not only do the geologists NOT know what type of shale they are planning to drill into,  where or how it is tectonically faulted and fragmented or much else. They do not know about resident gasses or how they will vent or burn off. 




My greatest hope is that this nonsense will be knocked out of our state by the environmentalists, the voters or the high financial risks associated with the project. I hope the investors lose everything in their latest, ill concieved and sick version of a "California gold rush."

The state Department of Conservation has a draft "discussion regulation" that is already a useless government giveaway to Texas and other foreign investors. There are no provisions for air quality, even though fracking involves burning off any number of gasses that come up along with the oil.  The central valley is notorious for air inversions that will let that dirty smoke sit there for days.

One thing that will NOT happen will be an end to state income taxes as in Texas.  Californians will not be paid royalties as Alaskans are. Californians will see the state's money go to the Federal government, the psychotic seccessionist welfare states, Texas and other foreign investors.

Then we have our  governor's personal legacy, a high speed rail system that will be about as successful as were his big ideas to bring White and Asian people into Oakland to replace those pesky Black people he hates so much. He gets his name on the farmer's markets and that is all. 

Meanwhile, California is far behind the rest of the globe in developing wind, wave and solar power.  The two to four year permits for wind power have forced the wind industry to rush into production in order to get sorely needed tax credits.

Yet fracking, fracking gets a giant green light.

California's 750 mile long coastline does not have the estuaries required for the type of wave energy projects that are planned for the UK, the East coast or the northeast.  But California has one big offshore wave field where wave action could definitely  produce enough power for North America.

However, our government is more concerned with shipping gloopy, sticky bitimunous oil from Canada to Texas oil refineries. The government will build that, for sure.

Our government is more concerned with shipping coal from Wyoming and Montana to northwest ports, where it heads to Asia, particularly China. Have you breathed the air in China lately?

If any state should secede from the union, it is California and perhaps the entire west coast.  America must cross one big desert to get to us. We would no longer see our federal tax payments going to people like Bobby Jindal and his fellow backward extremists.

America is not good for us at all. The California voters must decide about fracking, how it will be done, how much will be done and who gets the most money first.

I say that all Californians with a birth certificate from here should get royalties. Ten year or longer residents can get lesser royalties. And California kids get to go to their own junior colleges, state universities and U.C. campuses with bigger grants and little debt.

California must prevail against mad crazy greed. The coming, giant battle must send a powerful message to the federal government and its only masters: the oil and gas exploiters who think that they can smirk while they frack America to death.












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smirking....while they rake in the cash. It is a travesty. Thank you for the information. I don't have lots of faith.
may have to change your name to 'cassandra.'
Zanelle: Thanks for reading. California issues don't always get the views.

Al: Ewwww. Snakes licking me ears so I can hear the future? Yes. Maybe it's the oil and gas snakes. I have a feeling the media will try to bury this until it is too late to do anything. Protests need to start now.
oopsy!:"Not only do the geologists NOT know what type of shale they are planning to drill into, where or how it is tectonically faulted and fragmented or much else. They do not know about resident gasses or how they will vent or burn off. "

what kinda geologists we dealing with here anyway?
send em back for remedial education.

a travesty yep.
add it to all the others.

cali gonna rise up maybe? coool.
The longer we hold off the better we will be - that stuff aint going nowhere, and only becomes worth more as the world fracks itself to hell. But that is not the only or best reason to stop the greedy mfers. Technology is our friend here - frickin' frackin will become much less toxic, and we will also be able to quantify the impact better and better over time. So now, if there will ever be, is not the time to screw up the water in more in Ca. We have a long history of being screwed by big oil here. Will Brown bend over for Big Oil ? Yes - but how far?
James: All of 'em! They can't tell what's under 1,700 square miles of land!

Snowden: Texas has been meddling in California for far too long. It's time to get them out. Utah too. We passed in favor of gay marriage. WTF were Mormons doing meddling in our elections?
Jeez, fracking has been causing little earthquakes in non-earthquake country. And they want to go deep in California? And damn, we gotta stop with the CO2. Goddam.
Scares the heck out of me. They are suppressing anything and anyone who is getting between Texas oil interests and that oil!
you know i just dont get people that know the consequences but continue to do crap.. yup its deadly crap.
bu bu buu buuut won't this eliminate the need to ever go to war with oil-producing countries, if all energy needs were satisfied domestically? Seem like the anti-war crowd would love this idea, plus putting a crapload of uneducated, blue-collar laborers to work at very wages.
Wow, I cannot believe they are thinking of doing this. That terra firma is so unstable as it is, God only knows what fracking will cause. @Joisey: there might not be any California left if they do this. Jobs and abundant oil will be moot.

This was heartbreaking to read. We had our honeymoon, 49 years ago, in pristine Monterey and Carmel. Why do they always frack in nature's most beautiful places? You must try to stop them. Fracking will probably cause a HUGE earthquake. And then, California will go under the sea.
Linda: They don't have to live where they make their money! They are complete narcissists and gluttons.

Joisey: REally! Like we aren't going to sell that oil to Asia.

Lezlie: The UK came right out and said it after a few earthquakes over there. And thanks for rating!

Pam: There is really nothing out in a lot of those inland hills because it's Federal land. It is so special, it's unbelievable.
Believe it or not, Zuma, we are fighting the same battle here in New Plymouth, aka the Texas of New Zealand. Fracking has been going on here quietly, but there has been massive expansion of new wells in the last five years. I'm told it has something to do with the high price of oil. When oil is 30 dollars a barrel, the high tech fracking is way too expensive to bother. When it's at $100 a barrel, you can afford to spend all that money squeezing the last drop of oil out of the ground and still make handsome profits.

Because it's been going on so long here, we have a nice cancer cluster next to the oldest wells. Also the good thing about living in a relatively small community, is that it's fairly easy to organize public meetings to mobilize opposition and small town papers (as in the US) have to reflect public sentiment. Even our fairly conservative Taranaki Daily News has come out against fracking.

Our conservative National government is a different story. I think ultimately the most effective strategy will be to join on to Bill McKibben's fossil fuel divestment campaign. He wants it to work like the anti-apartheid divestment campaign - to pressure universities and other large public institutions to take a stand against climate change by selling their shares in oil companies.

Here's the link: http://gofossilfree.org/
The divestment campaign sounds interesting. Money talks, BS walks. The government, however, owns the land and will be able to keep protesters and the public off the land. California has vast areas of public land. I grew up in a huge county that was about half public reserve, either from an Air force base or national forest. Poorest county in the nation, too. It's still going nowhere.
Fracking isn't just a Cali issue, but we have to start there to stop it there with this latest shenanigans. California has been in such a financial funk I think people will continue to put money over matters ~ even if those matters will destroy the state... "So what, I won't be here to see it" is a common flaw in thinking. When the sink holes and earth shifting destroys billions and billions of property and who knows how many lives, guess who will have to pony up and pay this piper? Not California.
It does seem awfully risky to be deploying a technology that is suspected of causing earthquakes in one of the world's most earthquake prone zones.

Also, while I'm not up on California's water tables, it always seems touch-and-go as to whether there's enough to support both agriculture and the population. Since the fracking companies have resisted disclosing all of the chemicals they use, that seems to be tempting fate. Unfortunately there are enough joiseys out there who are happy enough to consume now while letting subsequent generations pay the consequences.
Gabby and Abrawang: I so appreciate your comments! My ancestors settled in the exact area of the Monterey Shale and it breaks my heart to see 500 acres of premium cropland subjected to that shit after all the fourth generation is doing to honor the sacrifice and work.

I am well aware of the origins of fracking, having seen it in so-cal at san louis and other places. It's just an arrogant, ugly homage to Texas greed down there. I am going to watch the draft regulations and will fight to make sure they are the most restrictive possible. I am also going to watch the wheeling and dealing. The average voter has gotten to where they will complain, but will just let this stuff happen.