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OCTOBER 27, 2013 4:29PM

The Lizard Kings of Utopia: Assange and Greenwald

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Real heroes who do not make our brains tingle with the idea of extremist politics behind their government whistle-blowing.

It would be wonderful to have real heroes who are not false, manipulative and sinister. I would be happy with a real hero who is not  a front man for for worse oppressors than we have right now.

Early on, I had disturbing feelings about Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Glenn Greenwald, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. They never had a bad thing to say about President Obama's  predecessors, the extreme right wing of U.S. and world politics or the most dangerous right wing groups in the world.

They never did a thing to help us with the Koch Bros, ALEC, the Keystone XL pipeline, unarmed black people being summarily murdered or Fracking.

Greenwald holds a particular hatred for President Obama and never shuts up about it. Assange is trying to run an Australian Wikileaks party by aligning with Australia's worst right wing groups.

For example, Greenwald recently promoted the "Oath Keepers," a particularly nasty group that fomented hate and extremism for a long time. He made a huge splash in September. Crooks and Liars reported that the Oath Keepers are "Potentially the most lethal and dangerous of all the new 'Patriot' groups." The Southern Poverty Law Center watches that group and has done so for the longest time.

But read this article Greenwald wrote for Open Salon: http://www.salon.com/2012/08/12/the_rights_brittle_heroes/  Who was he fooling then? Who is he trying to fool now?

Greenwald has used Edward Snowden as his personal route to fifteen minutes of fame. He still dribbles out trouble for Obama and picks at pennies that come in the form of only U.S. embarrassing secrets. The operative words here are "only U.S. embarrassing secrets."

Now he  has convinced another gullible one to bankroll him in a new "journalistic" venture. Give me a break. 



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 The Lizard King of Utopia by Xenonlit



Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks,was exposed as a far right wing operative-at-large. While the far left wing is still gushing all over him, he is actually a supporter of right wing extremists. Has the far left merged with the far right when it comes to extremist policies?

Would Assange have become such a darling of the left if it had been known how he feels about Ron and Rand Paul? He called the Pauls the "only hope" for liberty in America. Assange said in an interview that, “The libertarian aspect of the Republican Party is presently the only useful political voice really in the U.S. Congress,” He called himself “a big admirer of Ron Paul and Rand Paul for their very principled positions in the U.S. Congress on a number of issues.”

Like race? Abortion? Civil rights? Eliminating Social Security? Who gave Assange a PhD in American society?

Assange has also aligned himself with two far right wing parties in Australia. Should he ever get out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London to meddle over there, would his left wing acolytes stay with him?

Assange's problematic allies are the Australia First Party, The Nationals, and the Shooters and Fishers Party. The Australian Wikileaks party has "a complex preference deal with micro parties, mainly right-wing, in a bid to get a candidate into the senate," according to the Brisbane News.

And now, this scurvy, right wing crew of rabid right wing hackers and journalists have colluded with mentally ill ex-soldiers and gullible low-achieving NSA sub-sub contractors to  sabotage the U.S., its relations with allies and the first Black President.

Currently, Greenwald is exploiting his role as a "journalist," convincing many that journalists are under draconian government surveillance or attack. He put out the maximum drama and lecturing after David Miranda's detention in August.  According to Daily Kos, Greenwald eventually admitted that he and his partner, Laura Poitras "were, in fact, using his significant other/husband, Miranda, as a mule to transport the stolen classified documents."

This is how I have long felt about Greenwald and Assange. Ever since I suffered some of Greenwald's articles at Salon.com, I noticed at how he and Assange never explained why they only  targeted the U.S. or Obama, but were virtually invisible during the Bush II administration. Maybe they were waiting for the Koch Bros to send them some ALEC money through the Paul pere et fils.

 Who knows. They came from the deeps and I hope they slither back down there soon. I heroes to blow the whistle on worse problems. I want heroes who do not offer worse problems and no solutions.






Democratic Underground

Before It's news

Brisbane Times

The Southern Poverty Law Center on Oath Keepers

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these fantastic heroes you mention, I hope they come soon,yes.

"It would be wonderful to have real heroes who are not false, manipulative and sinister. I would be happy with a real hero who is not a front man for for worse oppressors than we have right now.

a hero is one who without thought lays down his/her life/reputation/security for an other.

we gotta look for them in the nooks and crannies not on tv I suppose
Wikileaks published numerous memos regarding Bush administration lies that led to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. And the helicopter video that brought Wikileaks to world attention was from 2007 when Bush was still in the White House.

There are some progressive (such as myself) who believe the civil liberties enshrined in Bill of Rights are the cornerstone of democracy. We don't believe that quibbling over the ideological purity of the whistle blowers who bring government corruption and criminality to public attention is an unaffordable luxury - given the systematic corporate takeover that has taken over our democratic processes.
What I meant to say is that quibbling over ideological purity is an unaffordable luxury. The information needs to come out.

Another point is that Wikileaks never limited themselves to leaks about the US. Initially they mainly linked documents about corrupt governments in Asia. They have also leaked a lot of documents about corrupt activities in New Zealand and the Pacific.
I disagree with you about these men.
Very interesting post. I never trusted Assange, thought Greenwald to be a questionable ego maniac, felt sorry for Manning , and Snowden, well, not so much. He certainly seems to know how to play games.
Zumalicious, I don't know when you first tuned in to this issue, but both Assange and Greenwald were merciless to GWB back when he was in the White House. Snowden was radicalized by the GWB administration. If they focus particular vitriol on Obama, it may be because he has disappointed them so much for the way he has (mis)behaved in office in regard to human rights and civil liberties. I doubt very much that they hate him because he's "the first black president."

If you really think we'd be better off not knowing about massive and unaccountable government evesdropping and the gross violation of human rights around the world as practised by the last two administrations, I'd be interested in hearing why. And if Assange/Snowden/Greenwald hadn't enlightened us, who else would have?
Alan. They were off my radar back then. I was paying more attention to Anonymous. What happened to them since then?

I agree that Obama has done too much pandering to the right, taking on the policies he should have cancelled and continuing programs he should have shut down.

I still want to know why the worst right extremest groups are attractive to those two.
I never had much of a positive opinion about Assange nor Greenwald. Edward Snowden apparently did what he thought was the right thing to do and that poor Bradley Manning has apparently come unhinged about his sexual identity comes as no surprise. What seems to me to be important about these people is that they have all played a role, however biased or from whatever motivations, in making the actions of the Obama administration transparent. Something he promised to the voters of America before he was elected to office. To my mind all that is required of Obama, is to be up front about what he is doing and why. Right or left, only true believers can think that the complications of holding the office of the President of the USA can be reduced to bumper sticker platitudes.

Eisenhower betrayed England, France and Israel in the Suez and the people of Iran to bring back the Shah. Kennedy stood aside while the corrupt Diem family was assassinated in South Vietnam. Johnson was sucked into a grotesque expansion of our undeclared and illegal war in Southeast Asia. Nixon and Kissinger lied and murdered a million or more civilians in that same war to bring "Peace with Honor," while the democratically elected President of Chile was murdered in a CIA sponsored coup. Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon and lost reelection to Jimmy Carter who allowed Reza Pahlavi to enter the country and foment the Iran Hostage Crisis. George H. W. Bush led us into a war with Iraq that was based on perjured congressional testimony, fashion from whole cloth by a New York PR firm, because Time magazine called him a wimp! Bill Clinton lied his ass off and missed the opportunity to capture and/or kill Osama bin Laden in the 1990's and allowed the murders of nearly a million people in Rawanda. George W. Bush went to war in Iraq with another set of wholesale lies because Saddam Hussein conspired to murder his father... millions dead over sixty years around the world and President Obama catches hell from both ends of the political spectrum for a few thousand dead by drone attacks and the same kind of internet, email and phone surveillance data that is routinely gathered by Verizon, AT&T, Google and Yahoo for their advertisers... go figure.
I get the impression from what I know of Snowden that he was careful about what he released. He seemed to be more concerned about excessive surveillance than about embarrassing the US about everything he could think of or endangering American intelligence agents. The others seem to be more interested in just exposing secrets, Period. So I'm not inclined to view them all through the same lens.
Is true info any less true when it comes from the mouths of those you don't like?
Way to go now you got the roaches stirred up. Both Manning and Snowden are products of a failed vetting system, every red flag was ignored so this was carefully orchestrated by a 3rd proxy party (Assange and Wikileaks are a vessel) who have been financing and supporting the operation. Manning and Snowden have been discarded and also noteworthy is the timed release which coincide with events about to take place or have as to undermine the current US administration. Greenwald is the worm he left the Guardian because there was a very good chance he and the newspaper were about to be possibly charged in the UK. Germany's outrage is of defensive nature they are neck deep with the NSA as are Australia and New Zealand. All these countries spy on each other and always have then why are all the accusations being leveled ONLY at the US administration with the sole intent of, as you stated to void and obstruct anything President Obama tries to accomplish in the USA or the world stage. Trust me they know who is behind this, but from the beginning of it all the problem has been the media (Greenwald and note the Washington Post is complicit releasing info) attention was carefully staged to put these men on a pedestal and taking them out would trigger rabid response of world wide (see idiot responses above) conspiracy theories.
They are manufacturing a New World order and unless people including our allies don't pull their collective heads out of their ass they will implode on themselves and yes they will succeed in destroying the world as we know it or undermine it until it can no longer function effectively.
You want heroes? For starters our 50 or so employees now working in Brazil who now have targets painted on them for being American as are our other roughly 837 people working overseas in 18 different countries.
To those of you above who are supporting human rights and civil liberties now will no longer have any of them if this ever succeeds to fruition. Libby nobody cares whether you disagree or not anywhere you just copy anything that is negative AGAINST President Obama or the current administration or form of government. Expose who you are really, kind of embarrassing isn't it.
Great thoughts Zuma, there are real Americans heroes out there everyday pursuing the American dream and ideals throughout the world, lest we never forget. My best we are secret heroes ourselves I know this because we served together and have witnessed it.
a pj blast from your past.................o/e (m) love ya
I see my favorite snipe artist, skypixeo, is still active. No matter what position I take, he has a negative to bring.

Otherwise, it looks like people are passionate about their positions.

O/E and I have the same perspective. When we have been there, done that and done it right, it is painful to see such miserable people honored and revered. It is also painful to see entire nations distracted by con artists and self serving fools.

This says it all. "They are manufacturing a New World order and unless people including our allies don't pull their collective heads out of their ass they will implode on themselves and yes they will succeed in destroying the world as we know it or undermine it until it can no longer function effectively."
O/E and I have discussed this topic several times, and have arrived at much the same conclusions you have. One of those is that anyone who thinks every country in the world isn't doing the same thing, on one scale or another, is deluded. No one's hands are clean. Take a look at what Canada has allegedly done to Brazil, Japan, Mexico etc. for example.
I was actually afraid to write this because people get furious when those few are challenged. It is good to see that others have the same doubts I have. I think they are gotten too big for themselves and have outlived their usefulness. I was really looking forward to Openleaks, but someone shut them down. I wonder how, who and why.
Excellent post, Zuma. This is a perspective rarely seen around here. The hyper criticism of the U.S. and the administration is tiresome, boring, and lacks credibility. It is easy to sit back and lob senseless stones without ever doing anything to make a positive contribution. And frankly, the expatriot criticisms are just ridiculous.

And as for the notion that civil liberties are the cornerstone of democracy is flawed. Law is the conerstone of democracy. Civil liberties are extremely important, but they are secondary. Not only is it impossible for them to be primary, but the very Constitution itself lists them as amendments. They are adjustments to the law, and they functions as law themselves. If all rights superceded all law, there would be no law at all. Law comes first, and rights come with manual, consistent vigilance to moderate the law.

The problem with Assange and others like him is that they hold themselves outside of the law, and usurp what rightfully belongs to the polity. In democracy, being right is not enough. Process and compromise are necessary components.
Thanks, Bill! I am amazed at the turnout. I really expected a freeze out.

The concept of law superseding the concept of rights is something that very few people comprehend. When I swore to uphold and defend the constitution, I muttered "As amended!"

What bothers me is the unwavering, unquestioning support and adulation Assange, et al receive. We complain about the same behavior on the right, but the left is equally as whack. I think it's an adolescent form of hero worship where the mind is not well formed or educated enough to realize that something very flawed is being celebrated. I was the same and it took time to realize that all my heroes were seriously flawed.