Occupy Sacramento, California, Protest
June 15
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DECEMBER 5, 2014 11:28AM



 Update, Dec. 7, 2014:

The Black  response to this hashtag is #AliveWhileBlack .  Black people responded by pouring out their life experiences, and it is heartbreaking. Check it out after reading this post. 




"I drank a water bottle full of vodka and g

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This might be the most important thing you read this week. Take time to review your online photo situation. From here on out, use the easy steps to protect yourself and everyone else you post online.

 The reality is this:  Each digital photos has eight layers of data.  One of those… Read full post »

I look at the protest movement today and flash back to my days at CAL. The local Communist party candidate  for Mayor wanted to speak with the  Black Students Association. He showed up with two White "handlers" who kept interrupting and taking over the conversation.

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 Update November 26: Just talked with a friend who lives in Oakland. Yesterday, she got stuck in the traffic for hours and saw crowds of White people being arrested for blocking the Grand Ave. exit ramp. Go, Oakland!


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SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 12:53PM

I'm making Coyote's Fruity Fun Bread today!

Back in 2009, I fell in love with Coyote's recipe for Fruity Fun bread. I used to make that bread all the time.

I also love Coyote Old Style and the great things she has done at Open Salon. Today, I decided to return to my fun bread (and Pirate… Read full post »


 balcony ceiling crack 1 small August 2014 photo e4ca726f-7843-461a-b386-ca54a2e1b89d.jpg



I wrote about this under the title "Is it time to scream yet?"  This is August 19, 2014. Since Amerikkka refuses to get the lesson, it is time to discuss the last teacher who shows up for class.


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JUNE 15, 2014 3:31PM

Isolationism sounds good right now

 NOTE: I actually get paid at the Kiddie Table of news, so here's half of my magnum opus on why isolationism looks good right now.

Please hit the link for the rest. It is a survey of places in the world where we are compelled to help... including at home.Read full post »

JUNE 14, 2014 10:39AM

The only Negroes in the room



I just had a hankering to write this today. It has been on my mind for decades, and Open Salon is the only place where I can write this. It is about Collards and rice a phenonemon that few people truly percieve and understand. When we are regularly the… Read full post »

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What is this stuff about wealth redistribution? What is this Communist manifesto of social deterioration? Are we talking about, a situation where we will be sucking down vodka and singing the Marsiellaise? Eh?

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Open Salon

You're just a cheap chump

Your open call tonight

Put me in a funk


My finest gift I bring 

My very best words

And there's no PAY for me 

And  no unicorn

Just bad baseball

Ground ball to third!


So I'll flip a bird

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NOVEMBER 17, 2013 3:54PM

The Kid's Table of Writing

bridegport west of bridge photo Bridgeport005.jpg

 Bridgeport, California photo by Xenonlit



When it comes to getting PAID, I will not turn my nose up at the Kiddie table of writing, Bubblews. I have been making good money there as the site does a simple thing:

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OCTOBER 31, 2013 8:51PM

Happy Halloween!

Just a normal day for me. I went over to Winco to shop for bulk sesame seeds and meat. After successfully toasting brown sesame seeds, I needed to find some white sesame seeds to toast for contrast. When I got to the bulk goodies at Winco, I just lost it and… Read full post »

OCTOBER 29, 2013 1:17PM

Ugly British Actors

I wrote this for the kiddie table of free-social-lance-writing at Bubblews. I will share a part of it to entice you to go over there and hear me now and later.


This is my thesis: Some British actors are ugly. They are just bone-buckling ugly and they distract me.… Read full post »

Real heroes who do not make our brains tingle with the idea of extremist politics behind their government whistle-blowing.

It would be wonderful to have real heroes who are not false, manipulative and sinister. I would be happy with a real hero who is not  a front man for for… Read full post »

I have been following the Fukushima situation for two years. The other day, I was smugly informed that my cell phone gives me as much radiation as Fukushima does. I humbly beg to differ.

My cell phone has no Cesium-137, Strontium 90 or other Fukushima radiation.

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I came over here because I kept all my true OS friends at Facebook. They send me messages to come here. I made a vow to ignore them and not to come here unless I got PAID. Give me 50/50 on the ad revenue now, you OS clowns!

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 Balance achieved after months of reminders!



I decided to go derivative tonight. I am so inspired by the months-long osmotic effect of seeing the same post in the left hand feed of a certain open blogging website that I have absorbed the desire to write about the topic… Read full post »

An old friend and I were having the random type of conversation that bordered on philosophically deep when I realized that my friend was not being random. That person was crazy, obsessed with assholes and asking why assholes cannot treat other people right. We had this conversation many times and it… Read full post »

Tinkerertink69  Thousands of writers flounced their butts away from a lot of content mills last year. This was because certain sites were not working as they should have done.  We checked in from time to time only to get the mop, the low views, the low pay or the low down.… Read full post »





California must prevail against mad crazy greed, a president who will sell out on any principle and fracking that is out of control.

I just wrote an article about the Monterey shale field in California and I see the greed, corruption and insanity that isRead full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2013 5:39PM

King Richard's Bones





King Richard III was one power hungry, mean son of a beyotch. He was the younger brother of King Edward IV. These were House of York jokers, or yorkers.

Richard had a singular deformity, a twisted spine. Hang onto that.

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Xenonlit:  Horse detail from the stagecoach mural.




I've been thinking about comparing thought proccesses between the four horsemen of our nation's apacolypse:  Right wing extremists, sociopaths, drug opportunists and deviant religious thinkers. Read full post »


goose at negro bar folsom california

 Photo by Xenonlit




China, Pakistan and India are early and potentially catastrophic crisis points in the world's climate change disasters. Economically, these two nations attract more interest than other nations.

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 Marco Rubio

Photo by DonkeyHotey


Op Ed: Ann Coulter snarls at Marco Rubio over his immigration plan while Marco Rubio struggles to exist as a politician


Oblivious to the fact that Marco Rubio is going nowhere unless he gets a grip on the Hispanic immigration and voting issue,… Read full post »



Nothing is more pleasurable for a writer than to get out of the doldrums and to take another path to a story. It is refreshing to do something that fires up neglected parts of the brain. 

Here are four little amusements that might interest you. Tag them open… Read full post »