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DECEMBER 1, 2008 6:59PM

So Very Precious

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 marriage groupMy beautiful grandmother first laid eyes on my grandfather as she was riding side saddle in her wedding procession.  Their eyes met and my grandmother knew that he was the one for her.  She called off the wedding and the rest is history.


They had 5 children together and were married until death did them part.  They survived the death of their five year old son, Marvin, who died of polio.  They weathered World Word II, the Great Depression and the death of their oldest child, Mary, who died from leukemia when she was only twenty one leaving behind a one year old son.  They helped raise me after my parents divorced when I was five and my sister was three.  My Grandfather was 20 years older than my grandmother.  He died of a stroke when he was 97 years old and she died one year later.  Through all the hardships and heartbreak they stayed in love and committed to each other.  They never complained or felt sorry for themselves.  They loved life and each other.  Elena and Ether were extraordinary people and I am blessed to have known them.


I like to think of them in heaven reaping the rewards that they earned as lovers, parents, grandparents and an inspiration to all who knew them.


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Truly your grandparents' love was timeless. I love how your grandmother was supposed to marry someone else, saw him, and called off her wedding -on her wedding day! Smart woman.
DeliaBlack and Lisa,

Thanks. My grandparents were extraordinary people. I miss them a lot.
Thank you for this wonderful story - to know that love can weather the storms and endure is heart lifting.
Thanks Soozii,

You're right if only we all could be so lucky!